How ’bout these cardiac Rays? Down three times in this game, all but buried, and voila! A win.

Lotta things to like about this game:

* Alex Cobb. Dude was shaky at first but sucked it up and manned up and righted himself when many other rookies would have folded and imploded. Of course, he wasn’t helped by the defense too much.

For those who weren’t seated for Alex Cobb’s shaky first inning, Felipe Lopez did him wrong not catching that alleged error of a pickoff throw to first base. And Dirtbag might have really won the game moments later, diving to snag Cobb’s legitimately bad throw to third. No doubt that play helped the kid settle down.

* Matt Joyce. If this guy isn’t the every day right fielder, than Joe is Rachel Watson in drag. Damnit, this guy can hit lefties. What a way for Joyce to finish a fantastic month of May.

* Dirtbag has warmed up with the stick. His game-winning homer has been icing on the cake for a weekend that saw Dirtbag wake up from his hitting slumber.

It was a near-miracle the Rays won. Kelly Schlappach is basically a waste of human flesh on this roster. Schlappach isn’t even hitting his weight and if a catcher can’t hit his weight, dude better be a combination of Johnny Bench (defense) and Tony Pena (calling a game) behind the plate and while he may be close to Pena when James “Big Game” Shields pitches, he’s a friggin’ bad joke the rest of the time.

What is it with the Rays and catchers? They haven’t had a decent catcher since this franchise was born.

Joe’s giddy about the win but isn’t that drunk that he over looks the bad things about this game.



  1. Tone says:

    Forgot to mention Sh*tpach's bat throwing habit. I have a feeling that this series was a final test for Sh*tpach; would not be surprised to see a roster move for him made at the same time they bring up Jennings or Guyer. The Lobaton era will begin shortly; I hope.

  2. Andy says:

    Good game recap & spot-on, gr8 assessment of Smelly Floppach!! I so hope you're right that he's on his way out - at least before he hits someone w/a bat!!! He must think since he can't make the balls fly, it's okay to substitute his bat 🙁 & while I love the Rays' paying homage to the Bolts & their gr8 season, the middle of a game is NOT the time for him to impersonate a bad goalie!!!

  3. Joe says:

    No I didn't already forget, I know we have to deal with another Sonnanstine start on Friday but I would like to see these moves.

    To Durham
    Andy Sonnanstine
    Justin Ruggiano (if he clears waivers)

    Kelly Shoppach

    To Tampa
    Brandon Gomes
    Desmond Jennings
    Jose Lobaton or Robinson Chirinos... I don't care, just get rid of Shoppach

  4. Joe says:

    How did I not mention, who else was sitting there expecting Josh Hamilton to catch that Longo HR? I just saw him catching it right at the top of the wall, I already hate that guy so much.

    CJ Wilson murders lefties, Matt Joyce can't hit lefties. No one gave Matt those memos.

    I mean HR off Wilson, he HAS to be an everyday player now. Wilson isn't the best SP period but he's one of the best when he faces lefties.

    • Don says:

      YOU "hate" JOSH Hamilton? WHY because he beat drug addition, or because he became one of the best players in baseball or because the Rays gave up on him so he can play for the Rangers? Which is it? or all three?

      • Tone says:

        I can't speak for Joe with certainty, but I would imagine his distaste for Josh stems from seeing a phoney who put his "personal" struggles center stage only to be publicly proven as a fraud. The guy was out there constantly preaching his love of God and sobriety, only to be caught drunk and fornicating with women at a bar. Mr. "New Wholesome Lease on Life" was a hypocrite and I am sure that situation sucked for his wife and family. All those things and he was a total failure as a Rays prospect by being a f*ck-up. Just a guess though.

  5. Dugan says:

    Sure nice to see Longo come through, its been a while, and I must say I was getting worried. Wonder if Joe's thought about moving Shopp to leadoff????...... just sayin'


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