So much for the Indians being dominant at home. Now they’re just another team on their own turf that couldn’t handle the alone-in-first-place Rays.

The ridiculous run by the good guys now moves to 21-7, after today’s rubber game saw the Rays deliver another hit parade and land on the right end of seven walks.

What more can Joe say about James Shields. It’s going to be a beautiful thing to see him and David Price in the two-game series against the Yankmees at the Trop on Monday and Tuesday. He needed to work a little harder today, but was unfazed.

Joe’s got to think Shields’ success with the pickoff moves all season goes to his sick confidence on the mound. Maybe he needs a cape day. You also get the feeling Shields is feeding off Price getting more demonstrative.

The Legend of Sam Fuld is no B.J. Upton in centerfield, and Joe busted another remote control watching Reid Brignac fail to lay down a bunt for the second day in a row. Son, if you can’t hit, you better be able to bunt. Put in the work.

Joe was pleased to see Kyle Farnsworth visibly annoyed by his shaky ninth after the game. It’s good to see him expecting himself to stay near perfect. At some point soon, the Rays will need him to be just that.

If it’s even possible in May, Baltimore this weekend is a big series. With the Yanks and Sox beating each other up over the weekend, the Rays can get some good separation.




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  1. Zack says:

    Did you actually break your controller?


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