Yeah, yeah, yeah, Joe knows a bullpen is not perfect. And sans son-in-law last year, the Rays bullpen was almost just about that before this series: perfect.

So it was jolting to Joe when he saw Alex Avila belt a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth off César Ramos. That’s two nights in a row. It wasted a gutsy performance by Wade Davis who was not sharp but battled and was on the verge.

This was the kind of game the Rays needed to win against a tough, veteran-laced team in their house. The Rays had the team on the ropes a number of times but Davis, though not strong, didn’t get lit up.

Beating a good team like the Tigers could springboard the Rays out of their recent slump as well.

And what was with Matt Joyce doubled over and in visible pain in right field after running into a wall and the Rays trainer/doctor didn’t even go out to see him? The guy’s freaking leading the American League in hitting and you don’t jog out to the outfield to talk to him? C’mon, protect your investment.

Ugh. Joe needs to find a bottle of Mylanta. Gotta a feeling this loss is going to be very painful come September.



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  1. Don says:

    Avila also hit a HR off DAvis (plus another one HIT) why is it Ramos fault..
    Just because it happened late in game.. ANY score (HR) matter when its hit!


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