What the Rays are doing with chocolate pudding lying around the clubhouse is anyone’s guess, but it sure looked great smeared all over Bossman’s face and head a few minutes after hitting the walk-off homer tonight.

Man, that felt great! And it always feels satisying to not see Shaun Camp have any hand in beating the good guys. Joe has never forgiven Camp for throwing batting practice for all of 2007 and delivering such a sadistic season.

Evan Longoria made a play early at third no other Rays player had a prayer of making, and Dirtbag didn’t look too rusty in his first game back. Just seeing him on the field seemed to restore a mysterious sense of order.

Joe was pleased to see Joe Maddon trot out Wade Davis for the sixth inning, which didn’t seem likely. And Davis didn’t disappoint. (Thankfully the Jays didn’t trot out Marc Rzepczynski for the ninth. His stuff was beyond nasty.)

Brandon Gomes’ big-league debut was pretty damn good. He showed real grit and swagger, even if he got all confused running off the field.

Why Sam Fuld is bunting to lead off the eighth but not trying to lay one down with Elliot Johnson on second with nobody out and the Rays down a run — and Fuld fading fast — is anyone’s guess. He’s still the legend … for now.

It was a textbook 2011 Rays win. Joe can’t wait to see which Jeff Niemann shows up tomorrow.





  1. Joe says:

    I was huge Gomes fan before this awesome debut, can they DL someone else or something when JP is ready? I want Gomes to stay.

  2. Dew says:

    I love Gomes new nickname from BJ. Gomer. LOL. Good job newbie.

  3. Mark says:

    Gritty performance. Great pitching, solid D and timely hitting in the ninth.



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