A fan, who has been a Rays season-ticket holder since 1998 was asked at a recent Rays-Yankees game to take off his “Yankees Suck” t-shirt.

This is not a new revelation. This has been “policy” for several years now, and there have been other SUCK stories on similar SUCK topics. Back in 2008, we wrote about a fan that was stopped entering the Trop and told he couldn’t wear his “Red Sox Suck” t-shirt.

But since this latest SUCK story seems to have caused a bit of a uproar…

  • Supposedly this is a policy of Major League Baseball and not the Rays. That may be true, but does anybody think fans are turned away from Fenway Park if they are wearing “Yankees Suck” t-shirts? Actually, yes. The policy at Fenway Park has been in place since 2004.
  • “Yankees Suck” isn’t allowed, but THIS GUY was not only allowed into the stadium, but was seen on TV sitting next Todd Kalas. OK< obviously the Rays were unaware. But this does put the current topic into proper perspective, no?
  • If the Rays asked us to take off one of these shirts, we would immediately look to the 30 Yankees fans within earshot and ask them if we could borrow a Yankees shirt. If more fans did that, the Rays might get the message and stop enforcing a silly policy.
  • Wouldn’t a better way to enforce the policy be to hand out stickers that the fan can use to either cover up the “U” (a Sunburst logo?) or cover the entire word? Have those guys in the front office come up with something clever. It would go a long ways towards positive fan relations.

Just sayin’.



  1. Beth says:

    I would guess that the guy in the photo with Todd Kalas had "created" his t-shirt on the spot -- probably didn't walk in wearing it.

    Maybe we should stage a massive civil disobedience -- wear your Yankees Suck t-shirt under something else, and then exactly at the start of, say, the 3rd inning, everyone takes off the outer garment reveal the contraband t-shirt?

  2. NJRaysFan says:

    I really think the Rays' staff has a problem with the word "Suck". In 2008 I was at a midday Royals game in the outfield seats. There were no more then 30 people in the section. John Buck was having a good game and it was tied....he was coming up to bat and I started chanting You Suck Buck! The usher looked at me and said "No".

    You gotta be passionate!

  3. Don says:

    You would think a "long timeRAYS Season ticket" holder would have Rays gear to wear... showing his support...and not worry or wear what the Yankees Do!

  4. Andy says:

    I'd also think you have the ability to read. According to the linked article he has 7 season tickets that put him back nearly 20k a year. I don't think he owes anyone an explanation for his level of team support.

    • DOn says:

      At the same time if he is worry who is sucking or who is not, hows he going to come up with $20,000 for next year.....sounds like a converted ex yankee fan... with the yankees still on his small mind!

      • Andy says:

        "At the same time if he is worry who is sucking or who is not, hows he going to come up with $20,000 for next year"

        If this is the way you form thoughts and put sentences together, he could probably take your job.

        "sounds like a converted ex yankee fan… with the yankees still on his small mind!"

        I actually agree in part, in that the whole Yankees Suck thing is really a disguised compliment. Its a tacit admission that someone uses them as their measuring stick.

        However, this guy is a legit fan. I (also a full season ticket holder) have definitely seen him around the trop on more than a few occassions.

        Bottom line is with the Rays attendance figures and lack of a long history, we really don't have the luxury of vetting our fans. We need MORE people willing to pony up for season tickets, not less.


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