Jeff Niemann has indeed been placed on the diabled list with a lower-back strain, and outfielder Brandon Guyer has been called up to take his spot.

Andy Sonnastine will take Niemann’s spot in the rotation, leaving the Rays with just six relievers in the bullpen. The Rays may have felt an extra outfielder was a more immediate need with BJ Upton facing a suspension for his ejection and outburst — and by “outburst” we really mean, “totally flipping his sh*t” — the other night.

Guyer, a right-handed hitter, who came over in the Matt Garza deal, has been tearing up the International League. In 28 games he is hitting .356, with 6 home runs, and a .412 OBP. Both his average and his home runs are tied for sixth in the IL. His 27 strikeouts in 28 games is a bit worrisome, and suggests he might be overmatched at the big league level, especially early on.



  1. Derek says:

    Sweet, a 5th outfielder to sit next to Fuld on the bench.

  2. Des from Durham says:

    For real?

    Team needs a lead-off man from the right hand side and they call this guy up? We have identical OBPs, I score more runs, he's hit a few more HRs, but I'm what you need. Plus, I'm the better defender.

    First Sam Fuld superman capes. Now, this? I don't understand.

    • Beth says:

      I hear you, Des. Have the Rays given up on you? Or are their specific things they are asking you to improve before you get the permanent call up?

    • Jerry says:

      Aw Come on Des, be happy for Brandon.

      Obviously, you need to grow up.

      This comment from you is probably the reason the team does not call you up. REMEMBER the word TEAM has no I in it.

  3. Sledge says:

    Des has a point. I have to wonder whether this has more to do with # of options remaining (Guyer has 3 but Des has 2) and not wasting Des' time in the show now sitting on the bench when he can get regular work in Durham.

    • Sarah says:

      If, indeed, they are only promoting Guyer during BJ's suspension that may very well be the case. So keep the faith, Des -- when they bring you up they want it to be forever!

  4. Don says:

    A blogger on this site would have a better chance than DES making this outfield now.... with the addition of this kid...Bye Bye BJ...have a nice career in Detroit or Cleveland or some NE. dumpy city!


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