A week ago we were a little worried when we learned that Andrew Friedman’s father, Kenny Friedman had put together a group to purchase the Houston Astros. Now it looks like they won’t even get a chance to bid on the team.

A local ABC television affiliate in Houston is reporting that Jim Crane has reached an agreement to buy the team from Drayton McClane for approximately $680 million. Crane had an exclusive neotiating window, and Friedman’s hopes of buying the team were contingent on Crane’s bid falling apart.

This news makes it less likely that Andrew Friedman will leave the Rays to become the Astros General Manager, but it does not completely rule out the possibility. While there were never any reports linking Andrew Friedman to his father’s ownership of the Astros, we have heard that Crane in “infatuated” with idea of hiring Andrew Friedman to be his GM.

That still seems like wishful thinking. But until we know for certain that Andrew Friedman has no desire to run his home town team, we will watch this stuation closely.


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  1. Boxauthor says:

    It would be nice if we could keep the front office together until putting the Yankees and Red Sox in their respective places gets old.


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