The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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  • The Rays announced that they will replace the Manny Ramirez bobblehead giveaway with a Sam Fuld superperson cape giveaway.
  • James Shields will start tonight…JP Howell threw a 26-pitch batting practice session yesterday. []
  • The Rays are starting to get more aggressive early in counts. []
  • Guess who’s back? Everybody’s favorite contraction conspirator, also known as “That Forbes Guy.” This time he actually gives us his sources, a radio personality. [Forbes]
  • So Manny retires and all of a sudden Desmond Jennings morphs into a power hitter? He has 1 home run and 1 double and yet this writer says Jennings has had “an early power stroke.” []


  • DURHAM 5, Charlotte 2: Dirk Hayhurst threw 6 strong innings, striking out 7, walking 1 and giving up just 1 run (solo HR) on 3 hits…DH Jose Lobaton went 4-4 and has 7 hits in the last 2 games…C Robinson Chirinos had another 0-fer, going 0-4. He is now 1-25 this season…RF Brandon Guyer had 2 doubles, a single and a walk…Desmond Jennings did not start.
  • Tennessee 12, MONTGOMERY 10: Matt Moore was pounded for 6 runs on 10 hits in 4.1 innings including 2 home runs. He struck out 5 and walked none…SS Tim Beckham went 2-5 with a double and his 2nd stolen base…3B Daniel Mayora had a single, double and triple in 4 at bats and drove in 3.
  • CHARLOTTE 5, Palm Beach 4 (10): The Stone Crabs won on a Mayo Acosta sac fly in the 10th…Alex Colome allowed 4 runs (3 earned) in 6 innings, striking out 4 and walking 3…2B Tyler Bortnick doubled, but also struck out 4 times. The Stone Crabs struck out 17 times on the night…RF Bret Nommensen singled and walked twice.
  • Fort Wayne 3, BOWLING GREEN 2: Victor Mateo gave up 3 runs (2 earned) in 4 innings, striking out 3 and walking 1…Eliazer Suero pitched 5 shutout innings of relief, giving up just 2 hits and walking none…SS Derek Dietrich tripled and walked in 4 plate appearances…3B Robby Price had 2 of Bowling Green’s 6 hits.

Sam Fuld talking with a reporter before his 4-extra-base hit night at Fenway

Pre-scruff Sam Fuld. At the end he talks about playing with Diabetes





  1. Don says:

    That away.. Topkin your catching up to "the Story".....Maddon & Sheldon had a meeting and figured it out......IF I had to guess... Damon had a little "meeting of the minds" and said enough is enough of this waiting around at the plate.....something this teams sorely lacks LEADERSHIP!

    • phil says:

      They have a leader and it is Johnny Damon ....Blessing in disguise? ...Manny retires and we find a sparkplug in Fuld and move Damon to DH where his legs would never have lasted a full year playing leftfield

  2. phil says:

    Brandon Guyer, Desmond Jennings and Tim Beckham having good starts far

  3. Joe Rays Fan says:

    >>> The Rays are starting to get more aggressive early in counts. <<<

    About friggin' time!

  4. Joe D. says:

    Good to see Beckham not only at AA, I a lot speculated he'd start of at A+ again, but seems to be (at least in the box score) handling it well so far.

  5. Des (from Durham) says:

    Seems like the Sam Fuld promotion is the old switcheroo (or as President Obama might say, the okeydokye), designed to distract the fan base from the fact that I'm standing up on the catches that guy is diving for without no cape, and I should be in the bigs, one way or the other.

    If I blow up my knee on a sprinkler in Norfolk or get injured on a crummy infield in Gwinnett, the Rays have only themselves to blame, trying to stall my service time and giving the fans some garbage about more time to develop. I'm 24. I'm a man. At that team has no offensive flow! I give them defense and some offensive threat.

    You see, the Rays can never be wrong. If I come up and hit right away, the Rays say we waited until he was ripe and picked the fruit. But you can''t prove a negative, althought they try to roll out 20 at bats (very few starts) from last September as evidence. Garbage.

    • Don says:

      First you have to learn to hit ML pitching...your short stay 2010 and limited at bats showed you still have a long way to go picking up ML pitching...prove you can hit at minor levels then you will get a shot to take over CF (if Ready) when BJ Leaves!

      • Des (from Durham) says:

        Ain't no major league pitchers in the International League. How I can prove I can or can't hit MLB pitching if if I'm stuck in the Carolinas, eating bad barbeque? Since when is 3 MLB starts legit evidence of anything I can do?

        When I was called up from AAA, I was batting .278 (coming off of an injury) and led the league in stolen bases and was 3rd in runs scored. Isn't scoring runs the object of the game? Last time I checked, the fellas weren't scoring many runs unless the pitcher was throwing gyroballs. I score runs.

        Just the man keeping me down (literally, in this case).

        Fuld's catch in Chicago was nice, but are you telling Des that Des doesn't make that catch too?

        Me, Fuld and BJ would be the best defensive outfield ever (you need that for Shields and Neiman), or I can platoon with that Fuld and Joyce. Whatever. Just get me out of here.

        • Don says:

          Look at it this way Des..if you do take over for BJ you will look like a real hero CF.....just learn how to catch a fly ball without going backwards all the able to hit higher than .240, and don't let Zobrist(RF) beat you to any ground balls rolling to the CF wall!

    • Sarah says:

      Des, I get what you are saying - we do tend to get all misty eyed about the outfielder who makes the diving catch and undervalue the guy who makes the difficult look routine. That's why you'll find Rays fans who think that Jonny Gomes was a better outfielder than BJ Upton.

      But Fuld's catch against the White Sox? That was the real deal.

      And meanwhile, do watch out for those sprinkler heads in Norfolk. Love your posts.

    • Derek says:

      Why don't you stop crying, "man." You get injured tying your shoes, your career high in home runs is 11, and you bring nothing to the table right now. At this point, Fuld is as useful as you, and he doesn't need time to adjust to major league pitching.

      The marginal upgrade you bring on defense is not worth the year the team loses of your controlled years. Man up, and do what every high school prospect has done before you, repeat AAA.

      • Sublime says:

        No need to emasculate the man with all the "man-up, stop whining" references, WTF is this Training Day?

        Des: you'll probably be the next fielder called up, hold tight.


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