Michael Sasso writes about a recent meeting with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, in which Rays team president Matt Silverman urged Tampa business leaders to be the public voice pushing for a new stadium east of the bay. Of course, this is necessary because the Rays are not allowed to discuss playing anywhere other than Tropicana Field by their use-agreement with the city of St. Pete.

According to Silverman, the Rays “have no grand plans,” and said stories that Major League Baseball and Bud Selig would get involved are “just rumors.”

But are they just rumors? Just in the last month, Stuart Sternberg has twice indicated that Major League Baseball may feel the need to get involved if the stadium issue is not resolved.

First Sternberg said “baseball is just not going to stand for it anymore. And they’ll find a place for me.”And then, just a few days later, Sternberg called urgency on the stadium matter “imperative,” noting that he believes the team’s patience “is greater than Major League Baseball.”

And then there is Selig, who said last November that he is “anxious,” and that Major League Baseball is ready to get involved, but is waiting for the Rays to tell them it is time.

Those quotes could just mean that Major League Baseball could get involved, and Silverman is making it clear that there are no plans yet for that to happen. But if they are “just rumors,” Silverman can thank his boss and commissioner for starting them.



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