Just miserable stuff for anyone who invested the nearly four hours into tonight’s extra-inning choke job in Toronto. At least the Sam Fuld show kept up the entertainment value.

You just knew Sean Rodriguez dropping a perfect pickoff throw at second base in the seventh inning was trouble, combined with Dan Johnson’s inability to make a high school throw from first to second.

Casey Kotchman anyone? At least as a late-inning defensive replacement for a guy hitting .121.

If Johnson can’t hit or field, what the hell’s he doing out there? Joe’s really never understood why a 31-year-old journeyman needs all this rope to hang himself.

Ben Zobrist’s odd angles and decision making were the icing on Triple-A night in the field.

Four runs and a quality start has to be enough for these Rays. It wasn’t.

Put this on the list of painful losses Rays fans can reference in September.





  1. Joe says:

    You know, I thought he was jogging down the line and Maddon confirmed it. Lopez got pulled in the 11th because this is the 2nd time this week, he did not hustle to 1st, keep in mind the ball was bobbled and Rodriguez walked afterwards, who knows what happens. He doesn't actually hit anymore and I hate how he has been playing more 3B than Longo because well, he sucks at defense to. I guess Longoria is going to take Lopez's job, not Kotchman's. He was already in Maddon's dog house when he flipped the bat at Sale.

    If I have one complaint it was Zobrist, I usually agree that his best position is RF but his early dive made a single into a triple and his bad route tied the game. Rodriguez dropped the ball and Russell served up a heater down the middle but Ben was just not awake in RF today. He does have great D at 2B but with Longo returning soon for 3B, Joyce playing RF as much as possible (one can hope) and the incredible defense Rodriguez shows at 2B usually almost makes me want to see them test that Zobrist at 1B idea they had.

    Just saying how bad would we really do if we used this lineup whether it was a leftie or a rightie?

    1. Sam Fuld LF (Jennings when the legend finally dies down)
    2. Johnny Damon DH
    3. Evan Longoria 3B (this can be argued but I feel Joyce gets him better pitches)
    4. Matt Joyce RF
    5. Ben Zobrist 1B
    6. B.J Upton CF
    7. Sean Rodriguez 2B
    8. Reid Brignac SS
    9. Crap catcher of the day

    Elliot Johnson
    Other crap catcher
    Dan Johnson/Casey Kotchman (try to get something for one of these bums if Ben plays 1B)
    Guy we got for the crap 1B or a call up

  2. Tone says:

    The Johnson and Johnson experiment sucks. Please DFA Dan Johnson, he is not a major league player. This team needs more MAJOR LEAGUE players not less. It sucks that the only legit prospects in AAA are at positions the Rays don't need right now. Can't Sean play short vs lefties with Joyce in right? That seems logical to me, Sean is at least the same as Elliot at short but his bat is miles better. I'll take Joyce vs a lefty any day over Elliot. Go get Chris Davis or something please. I miss seeing Rays homeruns.

    • Joe says:

      I blame Drew Stubbs, I want Yonder Alonso in a deal for Upton and to call up Jennings.

      Which of course means DFA Dan, Kotchman has the glove, Yonder has the bat potential, Dan has.....red hair.

      • Tone says:

        I am sure the Rays could work out a prospect package to get Yonder, but they must not be interested. At least Chris Davis would be a buy low guy. In a perfect world I would like to see Adam Russel flipped for a quality bat. I never trust Russel, he does not impress me at all. He is a gonna be like a worse Nieman, big dude who has mechanics problems. At least Nieman put together 1 1/2 season of very solid starts, Russel never comes close to that; watch his stats nose dive in the next month.

  3. Kelsey says:

    Good article on Fuld... And surprisingly in the article there isnt any bad mouthing the Rays like most the ESPN articles do...


  4. Don says:

    FOr those S rod fans who want more playing time....let me ask you when the last time you seen a throw to 2nd beat the runner by two steps, 10 feet and the 2nd bsseman NOT get the tag down,better, a pickoff throw to get out of a bad spot and the 2nd baseman,drops the ball.....
    So we need all that BS when Zo is playing RF where Joyce ought be playing EVERYDAY...Maddon pulls Lopez after nohustle(2nd time) but Maddon insists on playing him all the time??
    Listen MAddon.... ZO at 2nd,Lopez out... ROD at 3rd(till Longo) Joyce rf everyday...then leave it alone...sink or swim...


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