Every suffering Rays fan knew a breakout game would come eventually. But to do it in Boston on Rays-hating BSPN, now that was a thoroughly satisfying 16 runs.

And to have the best left fielder on this night wearing a Rays uniform? Very sweet.

Finally, most of those horrendous Rays stats of ineptitude won’t keep flowing endlessly from the media. Jonny Damon, Ben Zobrist, John Jaso and Reid Brignac combined for 10 hits, and each brought himself up to around .200. Though Dan Johnson’s league leading .079 average will keep making noise. (On that note, why the hell was Matt Joyce batting third?)

For a night at least, it was fun, and the Rays looked like the scrappy offense that should be able to bring just enough juice to win a pile of games behind a great rotation. 

The legend of Sam Fuld leaped another tall building in a single bound.

 Hellboy didn’t rattle.

 David Price tomorrow has Joe at least looking for wherever he left the broom last year.





  1. Hosstyle in Tampa says:

    Wow, Joe, no mention of Sam Fuld's pride being larger than "hitting for the cycle"? I thought that would be right up your alley.

    /Sam Fuld = the antithesis of Manny Ramirez

  2. David says:

    Why is it if we lose or have some kind of negative thing like attendance in this town everyone in national media attacks us like a rabid dog, but if we do anything positive it is like we have to beg for 2 min of attention. I mean it has gotten to the point that I cant even watch espn for scores anymore without getting pissed. I mean I have known for a while that it is all about la, boston, new york, and chicago in national sports media but does everyone else not exist? I just wish with news in general there was a non bias view on anything, and we could just get the news. Ok back to reality.

  3. Dallas says:

    Just saw the highlights on ESPN (Living in SWA makes it hard to see games) what a great catch by Fuld and then to not stop at 1st for the cycle WOW he is the type of player we want! When I get back next month the first piece of Rays gear I am buying will have Fuld's name on it! A glimmer of hope for at least an entertaining season!

  4. Joe says:

    Fuld is incredible at everything and Damon is starting to really hit well. Upton continued to smack the ball and finally, Brignac and Jaso looked good, even Joyce threw in a hit and a good day from Zobrist too.

    Did I forget someone? No, Dan Johnson shouldn't even count anymore and since I want Zobrist to stay at 2B, lets give the gold glover a chance, can he hit worse than Johnson? If not for that homer, people would be begging the Rays to DFA him, hell, they probably are anyway.

    Still liking the pen and it's sad to see Jake McGee doing so bad especially when he forgets he isn't a SP and takes it easy with 91 mph fastballs, not a good mix with JP coming back soon. Figured Ramos would lose his job but he has been solid or maybe Sonny but wow, he is much more valuable than I ever thought.

    Finally a win from a SP, please turn it around Price and get your 1st, you would have to finish 19-4 to match last season already...

  5. Tone says:

    Before this game I had completely forgotten what it's like to enjoy a baseball game. Fuld is making quite an impression. Hope he can keep it up, at least till Longoria gets back. Dan Johnson is making Matt Joyce look good. I actually am ready to see(gulp) Kotchman start a few games. Keeping Fuld in left would be sweet. More wins please.

  6. St. Aug Ryan says:

    I am suprise but very happy! Especially since it was a win against the hated Soxxxxx!! Lets hope this momentum can build. Maybe they can climb back to .500 by the end of the month.

  7. Don says:

    Hellboy kinda got lost in the publicity..HE looks like our 2nd best pitcher period!......


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