Man, this is fun to watch.

Joe’s an old school baseball kinda guy. Joe loves watching pitching duels and he marvels at solid defensive plays. The leathery plays kept coming tonight with the Rays eighth win in their last nine games.

Wade Davis wasn’t his best tonight. But he battled out of jams and that’s a sign of a solid pitcher, wriggling off the hook when you don’t have your best stuff.

Of course he had some solid defense behind him tonight which is beginning to become a redundant theme for the Rays. Of course the Legend of Sam Fuld had a play, grabbing a dangerous liner off of his shoestrings. Then there was Matty Joyce who may have had his best game in the majors.

Joyce nearly outdid the Legend of Sam Fuld with a catch off his shins, then followed that up by robbing the White Sox of extra bases when he ran to the wall in the corner in right field and bounced off the wall, hanging onto the ball.


Joyce adds to that with a pair of doubles. This hitting in the three hole is some genius move by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. He keeps this up and Dirtbag may have to find another spot to hit from in the lineup.

Joe’s just loving this streak and hasn’t had this much fun watching baseball since the Rays captured the American League flag.

Manny who?



  1. D-Rome says:

    The Rays are 8-3 over the past 11 games. No one in the A.L. East has a better record over that stretch. Go Rays!

  2. Blake says:

    Think of the pitches Joyce could be getting w/ Longo hitting behind him instead of Felipe Lopez.

  3. Don says:

    Joyce 3rd, Longo 4th makes Joyce better if thats possible right now,
    or when 1st back.. Longo 3rd will give him plenty to hit with Joyce behind him..but why change karma right now, Longo wants to be " THE MAN" on the team...let him earn it in the 4th spot!


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