These Rays can’t hit indoors, and they can’t hit in the cold weather.

Maybe all this anemia is just some sinister ploy to get an outdoor stadium in the sweltering Tampa sun. (Joe is kidding, of course.)

But that’s what fans of the 0-6 Rays have been reduced to at this point – and Rays announcers – making jokes.

At least the Rays aren’t trying too hard anymore, which was the previous excuse du jour. Today, Twittered Joe Maddon, they “weren’t pressing.”

Edwin had better command today then in his no-hitter against us last year. We weren’t pressing, he was that good. We will work thru this.

Uh, didn’t David Price look like he was pressing?

For those who might have read Keith Hernandez’s classic If At First, back in the 1970s and early 80s a slump like this would have led some players’ to consume massive quantities of alcohol tonight and/or an 8-ball of cocaine.

Or there’s always the renowned Mark Grace slump buster method. And Joe suspects there’s plenty of 230-pound women in the neighborhoods around U.S. Cellular Field Comiskey Park to oblige.

Something out of the box has to be done, whether Maddon wants to buy into that or not. His men can’t hit, can’t throw out a runner, and look like a team playing out the string in September.

The genius who rolled out Brayzers and all sorts of other unifying shenanigans has got to have something in the computer that addresses 0-6.

Staying the course feels like grave digging about now.





  1. LoLJFH says:

    I posted this on yesterday's 5-1 loss after today's game, so I repeat:
    I have to confess I am traveling and did not watch or listen to the game today…thankfully. Appears more of the same and repeats from last year. I am so perplexed why most people are glossing over the real issue here: Derek Shelton! Yes we scored more runs than any Rays team last year, but we had some blowouts and as many “anomalies” as Joe would put it in scoring as not. We also had a slew of none, one, two, three and four hit shutouts last year as well. Oh, right, but we did lead the league in walks (we could walk the bases loaded but couldn’t hit anybody in, I remember…) Someone posted earlier about BJ going to c
    Carew and his hitting being “fixed”. Ok, so there’s a start. Now, look at the years Pena, Upton, Zobrist (he says he had a sore neck), Bartlett, Aybar, Longoria and Navi had last year – considerably worse than they had the year before. Then guys we claimed off the junk pile like Shoppach (allegedly overweight and “not himself”) barely batted his weight. Now in ’011 they are even worse! It’s not like we are battling, we look bad at the plate and lazy and swinging late and at bad pitches and hitting weak flies and grounders. Everyone in section 305 on Saturday was talking about it that was sitting around us! Whose responsibility is that? Who’s job is this? Shelton’s! He has GOT to go. I am not saying bring back Steve Henderson because we didn’t think he could do a great job either at the times but he sure looks a helluva lot better than what we have! Getting rid of Shelton HAS to be the answer – it should have been the first thing the team did after last season!

  2. St. Aug Ryan says:

    Getting rid of Shelton will help but there still are to many bench/role players playing as starters. Some of these guys playing either are not ready to be starters or just are what they are, a fill in. I hope they all go out running and ripping the streets of Chi Town tonight, SLUMP BUSTERS NEEED!

  3. Scot says:

    All you "lets burn down the barn" folks are following the wrong team. This is a data-driven team. They don't panic after 6 games (or even a dozen). They don't sign players just because they had one great year. They don't release players without enough PAs to say show there is an mathematically justifiable trend. The have hired Ph.D.'s in mathematics and physics to provide analysis. This is the extra 2%.

    The Rays don't buy into "team chemistry" and frankly except for Maddon, they probably don't believe in the "closer mentality". They are still waiting for well designed studies to show that star batters require good batters hitting behind them to "protection". They are still waiting to see evidence, beyond anecdotal, that clutch hitting is real. Clearly they don't require a "baserunner threat" to hit lead off.

    Yep, you folks should pack it in and follow a different team. May I suggest the Dodgers (who might make the playoffs), Astros, the former Mets, the Twins, the Royals - teams that make decision based on Team chemistry and "hustle" and "a professional batter".

    • Sarah says:

      Scot, I can't tell if you are being sarcastic, or just snarky.

      But either way, I'll bet even any "PhD's in mathematics and physics" employed by the Rays are pulling their hair out by now.

    • Don says:

      hOW ABOUT THE rED sOX..THEY HAVE THE SAME RECORD...and I'm sure they will come back..with the "tough guy" players they have..
      Are you sure about the faint of heart, nice guys..........Rays?

    • Derek says:

      Is that what he claims the extra 2% is? Because that's kind of wrong. Every major league baseball team employs people like that. In fact, Paul DePodesta has worked for several teams, including the Dodgers, when he was their GM. DePodesta graduated from Harvard, was a huge part of Moneyball, blah blah you know the story.

      Theo Epstein (Red Sox). Jon Daniels (Rangers). Sandy Alderson (Mets). These are just three big names, but almost every GM has spoken on the topic of advanced scouting. Most have accepted and applied it.

      If any teams believes in team Chem it's the Rays. I.E. Themed road trips.

      I'm not sure what Maddon does or does not believe, but he has spoken several times about Manny protecting Longoria, and that he liked Jaso's base running skills, which was one of the reasons he let him lead off.

      • Scot says:

        Not all teams hire Ph.D.s. My point is, many teams may look at, but don't apply advanced metrics. More than any other team in baseball with the exception of the Red Sox, these make decisions based on data, computational modeling and probability theory. The Angels openly mock any statistics other than those which have been used for 100 years.

        • Derek says:

          Teams lie, all the time, but you are right, the degree at which each team uses them varies. The Rays are up there for sure, but the gap is thinning, more so now that other teams have taken notice of the success this team has had.


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