All good things simply stop. Life is not nirvana. Sooner or later the Rays streak would end. Like today in a close game against the Twinkies.

The Legend of Sam Fuld proved somewhat mortal. Bossman Upton lost his fielding prowess for a day. Hellboy Hellickson wasn’t quite as dominant as usual.

Still the game was close. It is games like this that Joe is reminded of Tony La Russa’s philosophy: A sweep is nice but winning a series is critical.

It’s a sound strategy. If a team wins every series, it is at worst playing .700 ball. That’s often the mark of a playoff team.

Yeah, playoff talk in April is asinine. But if the Rays continue to get solid starting pitching like today, just what we all expected prior to the season, and still rack up wins at the pace they have played at the past week, the Rays will be a dangerous team.

Joe was put in a good mood, despite the loss, when he drove to Clearwater after the game and was listening to Mad Dog Radio heard exclusively on SirusXM Radio. Red Sux fan was bitter beyond words. They bombarded Mad Dog Radio host Scott Wetzel and have completely turned on Carl Crawford who went 0-4 today.

Red Sux fan has even gone so far as to call Crawford “Julio Lugo” and whine how Andrew Friedman took advantage of Theo Epstein. Again.

It warmed Joe’s heart to hear this kvetching.



  1. It's amazing how quickly "fans" can turn on their own players.

  2. bbmern says:

    Theo Epstein is no idiot. He wanted Crawford really bad. If he was doing great, they'd be calling Friedman an idiot for trading him. Most fans are fickle, however, to me, the worst ones are Boston and Yankee fans. Not that I feel sorry for him, but I wonder if Crawford ever forgets about all the money he's getting and wishes he was back being Ray. He was adored by his fans here. Too bad; I don't miss him and I'm very excited about that little guy that took his place in left field. GO RAYS!!

  3. Don says:

    Cann't win every game BUT to give them away is disasterl!
    Anyone who thinks Upton is a GOOD CF can't see ..
    WHat doesn't go over his head falls in front of him or rolls by him...he sucks...
    turning ugly in Boston... CC is not the type of person that can take a lot of abuse....he might crawl in his shell and hit nothing for the season...carefull Boston
    CC would have taken a lot less money to stay here but AF wasnt going to "spend" any money

  4. Jay says:

    Crawford was a free agent and not traded. So how did Friedman take advantage of Epstein? Sounds like a typical Red Sux fan spouting out at the mouth. The fans should be mad at Epstein for throwing around so much money. I have no respect for those few select teams that just buy players with obscene amounts of money.


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