Sure, it’s still the first week of April. Sure it’s just three games. Are the Orioles this good?

Hey, Joe’s not down on the pitching. Not at all. Wade Davis was flying until he hit the wall in the seventh. It happens.

But went you have an anemic offense, a hiccup in an inning like Davis had in the seventh is fatal.

What’s not happening is the Rays offense. It’s Connie Chung impotent and the reason the Rays set a franchise mark in starting the season at the Fruitdome 0-3.

In 27 innings the Rays could only muster 12 hits? The Rays offense could only score a run a game? And today’s biggest hit was an RBI-bunt single? Seriously?

It only gets worse. Now Merlot Joe is talking about Dirtbag potentially missing three weeks. Johnny Damon? Who knows?

After this offensive offense has played three games, Joe has to ask: Are the Orioles this good or are the Rays bats this bad?



  1. Tone says:

    I did not watch that P.O.S. game. That is the best strategy right now. Without Longoria an already stellar line-up will just get better. Let's see if they can defy the odds further offensively. Devil Rays never started the season this good.

  2. Jon L. says:

    You start 0-3 because you get rid of some of your best players. Crawford, Pena, Garza just to name a few. The Orioles are better than people expect, but they Rays are probably going to be fourth in the standings this year.

    • Tone says:

      They were shut down like this last year too; this team is weird. They just suck at hitting.

  3. Joe Rays Fan says:

    Jon L.:

    Can't pin these losses on the starting pitching which was quite good.

  4. All I can say is 159 to go.

  5. Don says:

    ALl I can say is Showalter for president:
    HE turned a bunch of hapless losers in 1st half of 2010 to a team that sweeps the AL east champs on oppening weekend in their own HOUSE.
    Whats the odds for the Cookies to win the division or WS I might bet a few hundred to win $10,000.

  6. The Orioles are a buzzsaw that the Rays stumbled into unknowingly. The O's will probably take the division this year under the leadership of Buck Showalter. Take a look at last year when Buck took over, different team, under great coaching. This year, the O's have better pitching and improved talent. Good luck Rays, they are beginning to look like last year's Orioles. Hope we don't have to fire Merlot Joe.

    • Don says:

      WHY not ......Fire Joe
      JUst think if Showalter was mGT/COACHING THE RAYS THIS WEEKEND!
      and Maddon was coaching the Orioles....
      DO you think the RAYS would have been sweep???
      Take a guess.....


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