Well, it was a little too close for comfort, but the reason Joe loves the Rays this year shined in this game.

* Ace David Price continued his dominance over the Jays, throwing a strong eight innings (Joe will try to forget that ninth inning… with the help of some cold beers).

* The Legend of San Fuld. Dude just continues to get the job done, both with the stick and his devil-may-care diving for flyballs. Keep it up man and we just may all forget that CC guy who ran off to Boston… if you haven’t made Joe forget already.

* Johnny Damon. So far this guy has been an absolute steal. Mazel tov Andrew Friedman!

* Zorilla. Yeah, he could have played some better defense last night in a tight game. But he made up for it with a towering blast to right that scared the couples in the hotel rooms of RogersCentre in the midst of a mid-afternoon tryst.

* Casey Kotchman’s glove. Dude sold that groundball out in the ninth when it appeared the Rays just might collapse. Travis Snyder was safe at first but Kotchman, doing his best Keith Hernandez imitation, pulled off the bag just enough to fool first base ump Mike Everitt. Solid play Casey. May have saved the game. Kotchman, like Fuld, is hitting better than most expected. With Kotchman’s glove, why not ride this horse (Kotchman’s offense) until it wears out? Joe’s confident Dan Johnson couldn’t have made this play.

* Kyle Farnsworth. No, he wasn’t solid at first and needed help to survive (see Kotchman, above) but Joe doesn’t know what to think of that bare-handed catch. Emotional Joe was giddy; sober Joe was scared. Man, what do you think you are doing catching a groundball with your bare hand??? That hand is your livelihood, dude! But it was that ballsy move that may have kept the Jays from scoring any more runs.

Fun game to watch. Rays win. Maybe a little too much excitement in the ninth for Joe but it’s a win. Good enough for Joe to crack open another cold one.



  1. Joe says:

    I know Price is very pissed off right now. I only recently slowed my heart down. Damn Jays.... listen to BA about hitting Bautista, guy is insane.

  2. Zack says:

    Brian Anderson? And is Brian insane or is Bautista insane?

    • Joe says:

      Bautista. Ask Price who is usually really angry after a HR but after Bautista's 2nd homer, he just went "oh my god". We haven't gotten the guy out and the smart money is to not trust Shields to be the one to actually get him out.

  3. Don says:

    HOW TO HANDLE BAUTISTA: throw him 4 pitches that bounce over the plate or go over shoulder/head high....he might swing at one for an out or he gets 1st base (a Walkl) so what who cares...at least no HR or RBI's
    Shields ought to be able to do that job...

  4. CC says:

    Could not agree with you more on Dan Johnson. If he had major league talent, don't you think he would have shown it by now. Some guys are just meant to be lifelong minor league stars. There is nothing wrong with that.


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