Just what in the name of Derek Shelton is going on here? The Rays have won again on a Friday night, that’s two in a row. Friday used to be a curse for the Rays, now, thus far this season, it’s a blessing.

The Rays — after an uncomfortable early slumber — came out offensively strong again. The three-run sixth impressed a certain segment of Rays fans more than others. Back-to-back hits by the Legend of Sam Fuld (double) and Johnny Damon (an RBI-single) made lasses throughout the Tampa Bay area suddenly feel warm and fuzzy all over. Even @SarahSeesSports audibly sighed on Twitter.

Lost in the offense and Fuld and Damon and Kelly Shoppach’s blast — Kelly Shoppach! — was the absolute solid performance from Wade Davis. Four hits through seven innings and just one walk. This was pitching my friends. Just one strikeout but he was able to put the pitches just where they would give hitters trouble and let his teammates do the work. SRod made a helluva play on a grounder by Delmon Young to SRod’s left to end the top of the fourth. It was a sweet play. And Fuld made (another) strong play in deep left center in the ninth for a key out.

Good pitching, solid defense, timely hitting. That’s baseball!

All in all it was a solid, fun game to watch. Just winning on a Friday night makes the weekend so much more pleasant and puts Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 in a better mood.

Folks, that’s four wins in a row!

Time for Joe to grab another beer. It’s Friday night after all!


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  1. Don says:

    S. Fuld... 80% of the time gets the bat on the ball...base hit or no the ball is "hit"...
    S rod is hitting himself out of a job...lopez hitting .300, ZO plays 2nd...Joyce settling into rf.... Srod will be out
    IF Shopp could hit .250...big ? mark...he Could be a regular catcher
    Kotchman is useless at the plate,no pick up on a one hopper Dj would have got...Longos back he is gone!


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