So there passed another Spring Training with Joe bored to tears by the fourth inning of these games.

Thank the Lord the real Rays season graces us tonight.

Yeah, it was nice to study Manny’s dedicated-looking pregame rituals, sit behind the dugout under real sun for a reasonable price and, of course, marvel at the quality talent that yearns for Evan Longoria’s bedroom yet never even gets his autograph.

But the Spring is a joke that gets more stale every year.

MFIKY pitching a perfect eighth for the Yankees last night? Now that got Joe’s blood pumping!

Joe takes great pride in taking the real Rays games way to seriously. It’s the beauty of the massive rollercoaster of the baseball season. The ride is always wild, especially the last four years.

Is tonight’s sold-out opener at the Trop a huge game? Absolutely!

Lots of guys with lots to prove, plus a fan base that needs a good wow in the ass.

The mere thought of David Price planting a 20-win flag on the mound tonight has Joe bouncing off the walls. Good thing the No Excuses Tour is doing the driving.


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  1. Ken says:

    Can't stand all the spring training BS either. Get the bells ringing, the music going and throw that first fastball tonight. We gotta savor every season. It could always be our last.


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