Yesterday, Tampa Bay Lightning CEO Todd Leiweke went on “Happy Hour with JP Peterson.” Among the topics discussed was the strong attendance figures for the Lightning at The St. Pete Times Forum which were up 12 percent this season. And how are the Bolts able to sell tickets in this economic climate? Leiweke calls market conditions “the first exit on the highway of excuses.” Check out the full rundown of the interview at Joe Bucs Fan. [JOE BUCS FAN]



  1. MJ says:

    location location location

  2. Amanda says:

    From the Tampa Tribune, when the Lightning played at 3 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday:

    Super crowd

    With Sunday's game ending roughly 45 minutes before kickoff for the Super Bowl, expectations for the crowd heading into the game were low. But the announced crowd of 14,896 — with the actual attendance much below that number — caught many by surprise.

    "It really, really touched us to see all these people here,'' Boucher said. "I honestly thought there would be nobody here today and everybody expected that. And when I came out at the beginning of the game, I mean it wasn't full, but it was as good as full because the Super Bowl was going on, so that's amazing. The organization, me personally and the players, we want to thank the crowd.''

    Rays players, on the other hands, said they were embarased by their fans. The owners harp on the fans. The management harp on the fans.

    Which would you rather spend your money on right now ... playoff hockey or an April baseball game? Because not that many people in the Bay area can afford to do both right now. If I were in town, I know which team I'd give my money too: the one that appreciated me. Then, after the playoffs, I'd start going to the Rays games again.

    • JMS says:

      You are so right Amanda. I'm lucky enough to have season tix for all 3 teams in the area, but the Rays continue to talk down to the fanbase at every chance, and Vinik continues to talk up the fans. Where else can you get an owner that takes feedback on new uniforms and alters it a 2nd time to appease the fanbase. 35% ofF merchandise, 25% off food next year, 4 free jerseys, any size and name and number b/c of having 4 seats, keeps grandfathering our price in for the season and playoffs, spends $40mil on remodeling the Ice Palace, and then hires the organ player the Rays let go. Class Act all the way down. Can't miss the Bolts playoff games, so the RAYS lose us for a couple of games during this time, but they really don't care anyways. Boucher was right, and lots of Steelers fans that are Lightning fans attended that game as well, even on SBOWL Sunday. Not just because of being sports fans, but b/c the first class way the Bolts handle the situation. The Bolts are going a long way in solidifying the Bay Area Sports Fan, and we are proud of them for it. Love living in Tampa Bay

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks JMS ... I swear there was a quote from one of the Lightning players from that day that mentioned that they realize how bad the economy is and they appreciate the fans who could make it out. (I'm sitll going to try to find it.)

        I'm paying for's premium package to follow the Rays, but I'm listening to the Lightning games for free on the radio while they're in the playoffs. (My package on DirecTV doesn't get Versus or NHL Network.) I love me some Fuldy goodness, but not enouth to turn my attention away from the playoffs right now.


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