Last week, when the Twins were in town, Michael Cuddyer took some pics in some parts of the Trop that most of us will never visit. Below are some of those pics, which includes shots from the visitors locker room and from the catwalks. While we have seen other pictures from the catwalks, the quality of these is unmatched and it also our first skyward view of the new turf (click on any image for a larger view; you can see the entire collection HERE).

[imagebrowser id=11]



  1. Charles says:

    I wonder how many gallons of sweat the Twins' brass would have shed if they had known this was going on at the time it went on.

  2. Moody says:

    No HDTV in the clubhouse? I know the Rays pinch pennies, but they could pick up some Vizios for a couple hundred bucks at Walmart. Maybe it's just part of making the visiting clubhouse a little less nice than the home clubhouse.

  3. alan says:

    The pic number two is a great pic of the entire field. It looks great and very attractive to my eye. I havse been to many MLB parks and the Trop gets a "bum rap" in my opinion. It is a great place to watch a ballgame. I've been to Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium (new & old), Jays Home field etc. I would not trade the Trop for any of them!!!!! I live in eastern HIllsborough county!!

  4. Jim says:

    I was watching the pre-game today, and my heart sunk when I saw Shoppach in his catching gear. I hate to bag on a player, but I really don't like it when he's behind the dish.


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