Mike Ozanian, the writer behind the most recent Rays contraction talk, will be on “Happy Hour with JP Peterson” this afternoon at 5:05. you can listen live HERE. In the segment just before that, Maury Brown from BizofBaseball.com will be on to talk about the silliness of contraction.



  1. MJ says:

    Big Dog had him on right at 3:00 PM. He barely let him get in a word, and started out by asking "do you post your articles with the goal of getting hits on your site or maintaining your credibility?". After about 3 minutes, Ozanian asked Big Dog if BD would let him answer questions or just keep talking. After Ozanian told BD to "shut up" two separate times, he obviously got canned. Good radio, but didn't really get anything out of Ozanian cause BD was too pissed at him from the onset to even let him talk.

  2. Dew says:

    I'm a big Rays fan and normally buy a few tickets for me and my family each season. But with the harsh talk recently about a new stadium and contraction, I'm quickly losing interest. Someone tell these fools we're in a very very bad recession.


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