Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune recently appeared on “Fabulous Sports Babe Show” (ESPN AM 1040). The Sports Babe asked him about the concerns of some fans that Bucs games are no longer a family friendly atmosphere.

Cummings agreed saying the games are “basically a drunkfest” and that he is not sure he would take a 10-year old to one of the games (you can read a transcript of the entire discussion at our brothers-from-another-mother

We have season tickets but due to our growing brood, we haven’t been to a game in three years. We never experienced any problems in our section, but we have definitely seen fights in other areas and we have heard plenty of language we wouldn’t our young girls to ever experience.

We have also been to many other stadiums and there are plenty of teams that have atmospheres far worse than that at RayJay.

Still, even if the number of bad seeds is limited and being blown out of proportion, as some have argued, it only takes a few a**holes to ruin it for a lot of people. And no matter what the true situation, the NFL now has this reputation that needs to be fixed.

As the at-home experience continues to improve, more and more fans are going to forgo the live game experience which may be littered with obnoxious jacka**es that can’t hold their liquor.



  1. Joe D. says:

    Roy needs a new career path, maybe writing brochures for Church Subsidized Retirement Homes would suit him better these days.

    Joe summed it all up in his last line, "take your kid to the game".

  2. Beth says:

    I've never been to a Bucs game, but I have made similar observations when attending Bulls games.

    Joe D, seriously, am I a church prude because I don't want to get barfed on? Because I didn't enjoy the time the "fan" enjoying the game behind us spilled his beer on me? Because walking back to my car through a sea of discarded beer cans seems unpleasant? Because the horde of drunk men hooting at me from amid this sea of beer cans can start to seem threatening?

    I can enjoy a beer, too, but I'll never understand why people would pay $100 for a football game ticket just so they can get too blotto to actually watch the game.

  3. Preston says:

    Getting sh!tfaced at football games is for NCAA football. Not pro.

  4. Joe D. says:

    I'm 28, I've probably been to over 200 football games. More than half of those Bucs games, I've never been barfed on, I think once at a Orlando Thunder game I had some beer spilled on me as a kid. I've only been to maybe 2 games both college (UCF) I'd call a drunkfest. I've actually been critical of RayJay era Bucs fans as being lousy fans because they aren't half as roudy as what the Sombrero crowds used to be. I'm not some drunk either I had one beer this year bucs games (I went to 7)


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