Carl Crawford will be writing a diary for this year. Yes, Carl Crawford. Amazing how a nine-figure contract can change a man.

Here are a few of our favorite nuggets from CC’s first endeavor into the public domain…

On dealing with the media (keep in mind that the season hasn’t even started):

There is a lot more media here. I’m just trying to understand everything that is going on here. With all the media, I’m adjusting. It’s a day to day battle, but at some point I figure I’ll get used to it.

On asking Manny Ramirez for advice:

With Manny, I just asked him about Boston period. He’s like, “You better produce or they’re going to boo you.” He said, “I know you’re happy, but you better produce now or else you’re getting booed.”

On facing the Rays in Spring Training:

I get to see how they’re going to do things against me, so that’s good too. I already have an idea how they’re going to play me this year and the season hasn’t even started.

On Rays fans during Spring Training:

I did get booed when we played them there. I figured I was going to get a few of those. I got a few boos. I also got a few, “I hope you go see Dr. Andrews this year.” I was expecting it.

On his rooting interests:

I might have to get on the Patriots and Bruins bandwagon, so I have somebody to cheer for.

We have a bad feeling about this. Like Crawford is going to struggle at some point. And the fans will get surly and yell things much worse than “hope you go see Dr. Andrews.” And this is going to get ugly. Don Mossi ugly.




  1. Hal says:

    I honestly wish CC well - my favorite Ray ever; hell, my daughter has a stuffed animal named after him. But something tells me this is not going to go well. How long until the Sawx start throwing him out there batting lead-off? He hates that. And yes, he gets to everything, but his defense is vastly overrated - he's horrible going back on balls and his arm is no better than Damon's. Throw in the media stuff he never had to deal with hear and I smell trouble.

  2. Sarah says:

    Re: Carl's "diary" -- it's clear that he was simply asked questions and his responses were written down. It's not that he's turned into Fernando Perez.

  3. StPeteDave says:

    Who is his ghostwriter?

    After hearing him talk on a few occasions I would be surprised if he could spell. Not sour grapes i was saying this when he was still a Ray.

  4. Don says:

    You sure it was the $142 mil that made Carl a media friendly type of guy..
    OR the Boston media taking enough interest in him to WANT for them and the fans to know him...HOW many Tampabay media types EVER when after CC for the real story...for 9 years our best player the tampa fans still don't know him..
    IS that CC's fault or the media not doing their JOB?....anyway won't happen in Boston...they will know him and APPRECIATE His Talents

    • StPeteDave says:

      CC is that you buddy?, two very strange syntax errors make that paragraph a real headache.

      Carl better not disappoint in the least, or it will not be pretty in Beantown.


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