So yesterday we heard from Joe Maddon (via The Ray Area) that Matt Joyce will not be an everyday player at the start of the season. Rather, Joe Maddon will ease Joyce into the lineup with occasional starts versus “reverse-split lefties” (lefties that are harder on right-handed hitters than they are on left-handed hitters).

On the surface that seems like a good plan. Even we were sold. But then we wondered: how often will the Rays face a reverse-split lefty? Based on last year’s scheduled, we estimate that this happens once every 2 weeks, at most. That is once every 12-15 games.

Is 2-3 plate appearances every 2 weeks going to teach Joyce how to hit lefties? We are skeptical. So if this plan is going to work, he is going to have to start Joyce against more lefties than just the Jon Lesters of the world. Maybe not all of them, but certainly more than just the true “reverse-split” lefties.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Shaun Marcum is a reverse split righty... not lefty.

  2. James says:

    I get sick and tired of how everyone gets on Dan Johnson. The Rays must be awful if they have Dan Johnson!!! But when you look at the projections, his MLB time last year, and his MILB time last year, he looks like a good player. Everyone complains how he hit like Pena, but Pena had power. Wee guess what. Johnson was on pace to hit 40 homers in a full season's worth of ABs. Johnson also walked an incredible amount and heated up after a slow start.

    There isn't much you can tell Yank or Red Sox fan's about why Johnson is good now. But after this year, you bet you can.

    • Scot says:

      Who cares what people say about Dan Johnson. The only person whose opinion counts is Maddon's. Johnson provided a greater contribution to the Rays last year than Pena and Johnson played very little compared to Pena. Dan can continue to hit below 200 and make a positive contribution on offense. I'm not worried.

  3. sledge says:

    Thanks for linking to Mrs. Garfoose. Great read.

  4. werD says:

    you cant let women write sports columns! they'll attract bears!!!

  5. I want to prove that Yankees writer wrong. They had one of their worst offseasons ever, and the rival had one of their best and he still thinks Yankees are king?! Drop the kool-aid, NOW!


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