Brian Cashman and the Yankees have had a tough off-season. First they lost out on Cliff Lee, and they never got a shot at Carl Crawford. There was the Derek Jeter ugliness and the Rafael Soriano contract Cashman never wanted. To make matters worse, Andy Pettitte pulled a Brett Favre and kept the Yankees waiting all winter before deciding he was done.

And now the Yankees are said to be considering Scott Kazmir as a trade target to replace Pettitte. We know the Rays have had trouble against their former pitchers at times, but boy the Yankees are in trouble if they think Kaz can help them.



  • The Rays still haven’t officially added Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon to the roster. Marc Topkin says that won’t happen until “early this week” when the Rays clear two spots on the 40-man roster. Still no word on how the Rays will clear those spots. []
  • Jonah Keri, author of the upcoming book about the Rays, “The Extra 2%,” may be one of three finalists to replace Rob Neyer at [Big Lead Sports]
  • Marc Topkin has everything you wanted to know about Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon. []




  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Man the Yankees are quite desperate if they get Scott.

  2. matt says:

    Just read that carlos delgado is looking to return. Minor league deal with spring invite from the rays?

    • Kyle says:

      Why? You want him to play first base? Did you not notice the Manny signing?

      • Why not? We were expecting a down season anyway.

        • Kyle says:

          I wouldn't call a projected 93-95 win year a "down" year. But whatever. There is absolutely no reason to bring in Delgado. He'd be nothing but a wasted roster spot even if he did make the team. Can only DH, so we'd have a backup DH? Yeah, that'd be an excellent signed.

  3. Don says:

    I think its ironic the same cry babies when we dumped Kazmir............ are now saying the Yankees are crazy to try to get him...but not on this site?
    If you weren't conviced BEFORE Maddon is an Idiot...he's telling Boston media..... CC will make mental mistakes...this is coming from a moron that makes mental mistakes every day....if any Ray fan can give me 5 mental mistakes the last 9 years CC made...I'll tell you what a weasel Maddon really is!

    • Michael says:

      Crawford has made mental mistakes. I know for a fact he made some stupid base running decisions and that he made some throws home when he shouldn't have. If you want real dates, get serious. WHo actually writes down mental errors for baseball players?

      • Don says:

        Who said CC NEVER made mental mistakes, I said name 5 if you can..
        You can't...the guy (Maddon) that put out the criticism... himself... makes 5 a week at least... I'll be happy to name them anytime you want....I didn't write them down .....they're stuck in my mind...
        John & Klye...I'm not ALWAYS drunk when I post...but I'm... anytime I read your insightfull information...It helps!

    • John says:

      I'm curious. Are you drunk every time you post?

  4. Joe says:

    Kazmir for Rays closer? Yeah, I don't like it either, even when he was good, the 1st inning was never his friend.

    There has been talk of Branyan going to the Rays, that will make 3, no probably 4 guys compete for 1B that are ALL lefty, Damon will at least try it in the Spring.

    Just wanted to say that to get some opinions. What is your favorite option?
    A) Johnson at 1B Damon in LF, Zobrist all over the place
    B)Kotchman at 1B Damon in LF, Zobrist all over the place
    C) Damon at 1B, Jennings in LF, Dan and Casey both in AAA
    D) Damon at 1B, Zobrist everyday LF, S-Rod and Joyce play everyday, Dan and Casey in AAA

    I really want Jennings to get his chance but D is probably our best move and it would get us close to an everyday lineup.

    • Tom says:

      I think it depends on how well Damon can play first and how Jennings looks in ST. If they both look great, then I can see them going with C, otherwise I think it will be A.

  5. matt says:

    i like B. Ive always liked kotchmans defense, and although his hitting isnt great, his defense will make up for it. Zobrist can play wherever and damon should be in lf. Ive never got the dan johnson hype although i do kinda feel bad for him because he finally gets a break and is told he should get the job and now he'll prob lose it


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