Last week I wondered aloud if Stuart Sternberg would be interested in purchasing a share and controlling interest in the Mets if the situation with the Wilpom Family worsened. Sternberg met with the media yesterday at the Rays’ Spring Training complex and was asked about his interest in the Mets

“(The Mets) are owned by the Wilpons,” Sternberg said. “They’ve been great owners for a long time. They’ve been very welcoming in and helpful to me and ultimately their organization. This is their team, and I have no intention of purchasing or looking at purchasing the Mets.”

So Sternberg has “no intention” of purchasing the Mets. OK. But as we speculated originally, what if the Wilpons are forced out or decide to give up control of the team? Would Sternberg’s “intentions” change?
Kevin Kernan of the New York Post thinks so, noting that Sternberg has shown interest in the Mets previously…

If things turn worse for the Mets owners, however, and they are forced to sell as result of the Madoff Mess, don’t count out Sternberg and his group, all New Yorkers…Originally, Sternberg looked at a minority ownership of the Mets, and that sparked interest to purchase the Rays.

As we have said all along, it is unlikely that Sternberg will buy the Mets. But if it did happen, it wouldn’t be as surprising as say the 2008 Rays going to the World Series.



  1. Joe says:

    I am not a scientist or a psychologist, but if Stu Sternberg continues to have to remind us how committed he is to Tampa/St. Pete or have to keep puting denials about the Mets out there, then obviously the opposite is in play, isn't it?! I got my warm fuzzies out there.

  2. Gus says:

    He had to answer the question and he answered it -- for now. There was lots of odd word choices and tense choices in that statement. Obviously, if he were interested, he can't look like a buzzard as the Madoff-Wilpon mess starts to rot. But I'm glad he at least reaffimred his commitment to the area. That is better than almost anything he said last year when his Debbie Downer routine really got old.

    But my belief all along was (a) he bought the Rays as a way to gain admittence into the "club" of MLB owners and (b) MLB has tended to reward existing owners and partial owners when shopping for stewards of their Tiffany franchises. (Even Steinbrenner was a minority owner in the Indians I think). They don't want situations like the McCourts in LA. Sternberg fits the situation perfectly. Just don't know if he has the $ or the firends with $ to pull it off.

  3. Joe says:

    Good points. He has approval and leverage to manipulate his investment in the Rays to at least put a down payment on the Mets IF, and I emphasize IF, he had to...or was asked to.


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