The Rays announced today that they have signed Felipe Lopez to a minor league deal. Lopez, who spent most of the 2010 season with the Cardinals hitting .231 with 7 home runs and 8 stolen bases, will battle Elliot Johnson for the back-up middle infielder spot.

On a side note, we wouldn’t be surprised if one reason for signing Lopez was to keep the Red Sox from receiving a supplemental draft pick in the 2011 draft*. If Lopez plays well and wins a spot on the opening day roster, that might just be an added bonus.

In other news…13 days until pitchers and catchers report!

*A team does not receive compensation if the player signs a minor league contract.



  1. ttnorm says:

    Um, he wouldn't have signed an MiLB deal if he had a shot at an MLB deal. Same with Shouse last year. Lopez would have made more guaranteed if he accepted Boston's arb offer. Not sure why he didn't. Appears to be a guy who is always hurt and wears out his welcome quickly, probably why nobody wanted to offer him an MLB deal.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      How do you know he didn't have a big league offer? Maybe the Rays offered him more money and he is ok with the possibility of being in the minors. Or maybe if he doesn't accept the Rays offer another team has a middle infielder get hurt in two weeks and then give Lopez a big league contract.


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