The Rays estimated that 25,000 people attended FanFest on Saturday, helping to raise $100 thousand for charity, including the families of the two St. Pete police officers that were recently killed in action.

Here are a couple of roundup notes

  • If you missed the event, we posted a gallery of photos from FanFest on Saturday, which includes a few additional photos added on Sunday.
  • Also, if you couldn’t make it to FanFest, we were told by the Rays that there will be other opportunities for fans to purchase pieces of the old turf. All proceeds will go to charity. However, there are no specific plans at this point.
  • Roger Mooney has some of the reactions from the players, who seemed really impressed with the crowd on Saturday.
  • Well, there was one player that was a little annoyed on Saturday. JP Howell on fans wearing Carl Crawford jerseys: “I’m getting a little sick of that…Get over it — he’s out of here.”


  1. Don says:

    One "player" comment I thought interesting....
    JP Howell ..."I'm a tired of seeing fans wear Carl Crawford jerseys, I'm a little sick of it" Well gee...JP get used to it.... because they (fans) will be wearing them 10 years from now....saying "Remember when CC played here, those were the days"...I guarantee 10 years from now fans won't even know who you WERE...but you did have a good idea "Maybe the Rays could have a sale on your jersey" and other bums....because I can't remember the last time I saw a fan with a JP Howell jersey on!
    So, I guess.... JP get over'll be out of here soon enough!


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