Former Rays outfielder and Mischievous Little Badger, Elijah Dukes, is no longer a baseball player and has now turned his attention to a rap career. Oh yeah, and it is not “Elijah” anymore. He would prefer to be called “Fly Eli.” We would have gone with “Dead Dawg,” but that’s us.

Despite only being 26, Dukes claims that Major League Baseball has blackballed him because of allegations he made about drug use with the Nationals and his admitting that he would smoke weed before Nats games (shocking, right?).

Have we piqued your interest? No? Well, we are going to give you a video of Dukes Fly Eli rapping (via Mr. Irrelevant). And yes, afterwards, we will owe each of you 85 seconds of your life back.



  1. MJ says:

    ha yes.

  2. Kyle says:

    oh, holy shit


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