Maybe the most interesting part of the Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon signings is that the Rays would not sign one if the other said “no” as reported by Ken Rosenthal. This suggests that Manny and Damon were the key to whether or not the Rays would make a push in 2011 or just wait until 2012.

The Rays may have had the feeling that just one of the pair would not have been enough of a difference in the AL East, so they may not have considered just one of the players worthy of the investment. However, with both, the Rays may now be a team that can win 90+ games. And with a break or two, maybe they could get to the magical number of 94 wins.

Now if the Rays could just add one more late inning reliever, we would sleep a little better at night.



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    1. phil says:

      add Mcgee, Torres and Howell to that bullpen and we will be solid there too!

    2. Don says:

      Crawford loss was a disaster, but Manny/Damon will actually make the hitting line up a little better overall...two experienced hitters replacing one least..... keeps one bum on the bench...
      Garza was a "loss", but Hellboy could win 15, or more than is it really a "big loss"?
      Bullpen is a question...and the worse thing about Maddon will be switching pitchers every batter or two..he couldn't do that with Benoit/Sorr.......add 1/2 hour to each game this year...
      Overall, the Rays could beat out the Yankees for 2nd...and the playoffs!

      • Indiana Rays Boy says:

        I would love the Rays to beat out the Yankees and Red Sox but it is not happening this year. The signing of Ramirez, Farnsworth, Upton and Maddon equals train wreck waiting to happen. A shaky bullpen and Maddon's platooned, sabermatrics lineup gimmicks won't cut it for this team. This team will win 86 games in 2011 and the 2012 should make or break for Merlot Joe. I was very critical of him 2009 and still am til the day he either wins a World Series or gets canned as the Rays manager. Over/Under: Rays offense will get no-hit once in 2011?

        • Don says:

          You are CERTAINLY from INDIANA...How's the corn this year???
          Leave Maddon to me'll look more...intelligent?


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