According to Jon Heyman (via Twitter), the Rays have reached an agreement with both Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez. Damon will get $5.25 million plus $750K in attendance bonuses. Manny will get $2.0 million.

And now we all have a reason to celebrate. Hey-O! Beer is on us tonight.



  1. HOLY SH*T! Well, that brings up my confidence level for this, just need to sort out the bullpen now.

  2. Charles says:

    Just got a text from my Red Sox fan buddy - "Oh shit, now it's ON. Yankees for third place!"

    Which is pretty much how I feel too.

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Damn. We seriously got both of these guys?! AWESOME!

  4. Edward says:

    What is this attendance bonus? I thought they were kidding

  5. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    Manny Ramirez WTH!!!! Andrew Friedman and Co. are cutting payroll but they are adding it by this imbecile. Nice signing Friedman. Let's get a player that plays when he feels like it and put him with a combination with Upton in the same clubhouse. Manny Ramirez is finish and it is going to backfire Friedman. This makes want to throw up.

  6. David says:

    Before you buy a round of beer for the house, make sure it's not Jason Bay reserve. I've seen this play out with the Rays turn out to be a smokescreen too many times.

  7. Todd Klimson says:

    Let's not buy playoff tix yet. Very good veteran presence but the production will not be as everyone expects. Both players are nearing retirement. And doesn't Damon have his mansion in Tampa? Heard it was 80k sq feet or something.

  8. Brian says:

    The HIT SHOW all over again.

    • nate says:

      Not even close (assuming the detaisl are accurate). The Hit Show was a travesty because the deals handed out were multi year deals that really set the club back for a long time, during it's infancy when we really shoudl have been focused on organizational development. These are 1 year deals, and we've got a top 5 farm system in place already.

  9. a.j. says:

    This certainly makes our lineup much more formidable! Not sure how the clubhouse will be, but I like the baseball part of this! Ramirez says he wants to prove he's not finished, so maybe he'll be more focused. This could be huge!
    Damon LF
    Zobrist 1B
    Longo 3B
    Ramirez DH
    Joyce RF
    Upton CF
    Jaso C
    Rodriguez 2B
    Brignac SS
    Very solid lineup!!!

  10. matt says:

    The best part is manny only signed for 2 million so even if he puts up average numbers, he was a pretty good signing. cant wait for spring!

  11. John says:

    I'm not a big fan of the Damon deal, but it was apparently a package. And Man-Ram for $2M? Holy Cow! Shit just got real!

  12. Danny says:

    Best part about the Manny deal is if he becomes a cancer, they can let him go and not feel like that they wasted any significant cash.

    These deals will really look good if our starting pitching holds up because there's nothing like a pennant race against Damon's and Ramirez' former teams to stoke the fires of an old vet.

    Worst case scenario is that either one of these guy will perform better than Burrell and combined they'll make less money than we donated to Pat's empty bat last year.

    At the very least we've ensured that Opening Day will be sold out and the Red Sox games just got a little more juicy.

    GO RAYS!!!!

  13. Danny says:

    Cork - if the beer is on you tonight, where are you? im thirsty!!!!

  14. Jim says:

    I like the signings, but I'm more worried about our bullpen than our lineup... Yes, I know our lineup struggled last year, but I can't picture our 7th, 8th and 9th next year.

  15. Myrna says:

    I'm excited about this deal. Good or bad never worse than the "Pat the Bat" deal! Should be fun to watch these guys...Burrell got plenty more than they did and look what he did for us! Two bats for less $$ than they paid for "Pat the no bat."

  16. Dew says:

    I think this is awesome and will for sure put more people in the seats. And we get to watch Manny being Manny. Love it. The Rays will get more air time than ever with these guys joining our team. Now I'm stoked and ready for baseball. Go Rays

  17. ttnorm says:

    I think it was a good day.

  18. Preston says:

    I'm excited for baseball again. Thank you, Friedman 🙂

  19. a.j. says:

    To the ones saying this is a bad idea...just take a look at Damon's and Manny's slash lines from last year! Manny would've had our second highest BA! Damon would've been 3rd or 4th. I'm not a huge fan of Manny, but he hasn't been as flighty since it was revealed that he used PEDs...and while his numbers have diminished a little, he still is a threat. Not to mention, he has always wanted to stick it to Boston! I can see him hitting .305 with 28 HR and 110 RBI...which would obviously be a welcomed addition! That would also help Longo out a ton!
    Damon will be a nice addition, no matter what! I'll admit I always hated him, but only cuz he played for our rival clubs...and he always owned us. He's always been a positive clubhouse guy, and he'll do a nice job grooming some of our young guys like Joyce! I think Damon's numbers last year are somewhat a victim of the ballparks he played in. The AL Central has Minnesota, KC, and obviously Detroit...those ballparks are not hitter friendly, and now he's coming back to where he's very familiar. He's always hit well at the Trop...and Boston, he loves to wrap it around peske pole...NY, lets just face it-it's a left-handed hitter's dream there. He gives us a very good leadoff man, and just a great professional hitter!
    I love that Friedman is showing that he's not writing off 2011! He's trying to put fans in the seats, and trying to keep us as true contenders while the little eggs on the farm start hatching! I really am excited now! We don't have a solid closer yet, but only NY really does!

  20. Andrew says:

    Well at least we will get some national play as Jim Rome loves him some Man Ram.

    I don't understand what this team is doing right now, but as long as they are competitive I wont care.

  21. robert says:

    These moves are deranged, not as crazy as Manny, but deranged. Damon, I can accept, to a degree, but Manny, too? Manny is septic--lets remember he knocked a man in his mid-sixties down over tickets! Never mind that in this stage of their careers these two could miss 75 games due to injuries real or imagined. In Manny's case, usually imagined. Sure, Damon is a gamer but a gamer with bad wheels is just a cheerleader on the dugout steps. I wouldn't hoist a glass to this move but rather throw it against the wall in frustration. Really, a laughable move that's more about money (or lack of it) than baseball. Makes me sick.

  22. phil says:

    With Manny at DH can you tell Damon to bring his first baseman's mit? Damon has played first before!

  23. a.j. says:

    So, when we don't sign anyone, some of you complain that they're throwing away the season and trying to get fear people in the seats! Then, we sign two guys that could potentially help a great deal, and you complain that the guys are too old, and the team is just trying to put butts in the seats?! Some of you guys make no sense!!! Manny's deal is cheap and only one year! It's a well-calculated low risk-high reward signing! Damon's deal is market value and he still is a professional hitter! Not to mention, what two guys wanna stick it to Boston more?! These are very low risk moves, and you guys are complaining this much?!

  24. phil says:

    I think Damon should play first with Manny DHing ....We have enough OFers in Joyce, Upton, Jennings, the ofer from the garza deal, Rugginno and Zobrist....

  25. John says:

    A.J. relax, this is baseball bro! Everyone has an opinion and you have to wonder why at least ONE of THESE two guys. I like the Damon signing as it can give some clubhouse leadership we will miss without CPen and CC. He will give us great at-bats, help wear down pitchers with his incassant "foul ball barrages" and could be used in several positions. His arm stinks, he is older and I am sure will play some role throughout the season. Plus I think he is the key here: the Rays wanted Man Ram but had to have someone else in the deal that can deflect him as he can be a cancer and Damon knows how to handle/deal with him especially with this team and with the influence he could have on BJ.
    Now, if Manny is such a great pickup then why didn't the team do it last season when it had the chance to solidify their lineup in August and "try him out for Spring" since they knew this was the approach they would take with the team with a slashed payroll? My concern here is this: if he is strictly a DH what happens when he slumps or realizes he wants to play OF regularly? Will he brood on it between innings and half-ass it? I think he is trade bait for Trade deadline personally and a "name" to help put butts in the seat (even tho Damon got the clause).
    Nothing else makes sense as it is not a long-term gain here (and can't be at their age) and not sure what 2012 goals are for team as we don't have anyone to take these roles yet "on the farm", so we rent players for a year every year until lightning strikes again.
    Andrew is smart, Joe will figure it out, but it is odd to say the least.

    • Derek says:

      Can you really say, without a doubt, that "clubhouse leadership" is real? And if it is, Longo is solid enough for that role. These guys get paid to play a game. If they need a backrub from Pena, Kapler or Cliff Floyd, then they should GTFO. Chicago payed Manny $3.8 million after they traded for him. We get him for a year, at 2 mill. Why would you think he would f around here? He needs to prove he can still play ball, still be a force on a contending team. I cant see Manny making a fool out of himself here. He is one of the hardest workers out there, and if he wants any amount of money in 2012, he will work his ass off in 2011.

  26. Tone says:

    This is amazing! I cannot believe they pulled this off. If Friedman gets a solid bullpen piece too, then he is magical. To all of you homers that I have replied negatively to in recent months; I am a moron and the crow that I am eating tastes delicious.

  27. a.j. says:

    Tone, thank you for manning up! I'm being serious too. Not many people can handle admitting when they were wrong. But you did, and I'm glad you are a fellow fan!

  28. Don says:

    First of all they are NOT signed....this better not be another example of the Tampabay media jumping at Jason Bay
    BUT, if they do pull this off it could be the biggest improvement in the HITTING lineup since the Rays were born...
    I'll take Damon, Manny, Longo, Jaso, Zobrist at the top of the order with anyone.... besides Boston....but our pitching is better...
    Just saved the 2011 season for me and 1000's of fans....NOW get them signed....don't fool around with Borass or he will get you...AF...

  29. Gus says:

    Congrats to ownership for opening the checkbook, however slightly (These two knuckleheads are 1/6th of the team payroll). Damon seems like a heady move and who can argue that one. Manny is a guy whose numbers are totally a function of PEDs, and when PED guys get off the stuff in their mid-30s, the crash is complete and ugly. So beyond the fact that a drug cheat and all around lousy teammmate is now the 5th highest paid guy on the team, he's got nothing left and will be exposed in the AL East.

    Would you have taken 2012 Pena over these two (that is about where the money will end up, assuming Pena would have given a small home town discount)? I'd have to think about that one.

    • Derek says:

      Id buy Mannys PEDs if he wants me to, who cares? lol "cheat" I never cheated in high school, or took a shortcut at work. My name is gus. Sure Manny and Damon are not what they were, but Manny had an OBP over .400 lat year, I do believe that would have led the team. Exposed in the ALE, didnt he hit one over the monster last year when the Dodgers came to town? lol at pena over Manny and Damon.

      • Gus says:

        Manny's next suspension is 100 games. Among the many negatives of convicted PED users is either (a) they continue to use and get suspended because they are tested more often or (b) they don't use and are a shell of their former selves (many post-suspension).

        Cheaters suck.

        • Tom says:

          Manny since the suspension: 167 G 631 AB .284/.399/.472 91 BB 125K
          22 HR 85 RBI. Manny as a shell of himself is still awfully good.

  30. werD says:

    Two Questions: 1)So what does this mean for Jennings, Fuld, and/ or D. Johnson? 2) How will Manny react once he hears Damon got more than twice what he got? i cant imagine he'll be happy about that.

    • Derek says:

      Most believed Jennings was going to start in AAA even before this move. Flud is going to be a bench guy who should see a lot of time late in games. Johnson could still be an everyday 1b, it really depends on what AF says when they announce this move. Manny is a steal for 2 mill, and he cant really argue it. He clearly didnt get another offer, and needs to put up solid numbers this year to prove his can still play.

      • werD says:

        no doubt, manny is a steal. and the attendance bonus tells me even if Damon is not the baseball player he once was, the rays 5MM "investment" in him should pay dividends. I look forward to seeing what Damon can bring to 1st base, and perhaps see Jennings play LF and bat "second leadoff" (ok, ok, last). That could really show up in the "runs saved/ gm" category. esp if you can stick a bat like DJ, SRod, or Fuld into RF if there is a lefty on the mound.

  31. Brian says:

    Perhaps Manny can use Kaz's drug guy for some PED's.

    • J 2.0 says:

      Funny you said that. I bet that Manny gets one hit over the course of like 4 games is then suspended for PED's and retires.

  32. Andrew says:

    I would have rather seen Vlad at DH, but how can anyone judge this until the season is underway. It's funny how it's polarizing people thought. I didn't expect so many this is genius type comments.


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