With the recent additions of Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon and Kyle Farnsworth, here is an updated look at how the Rays 40-man roster and 2011 payroll would look if the season started today. We will have more on the opening day roster later today…

Notes on the 40-man projection…

  • A legend for the table can be found below.
  • Players in white would be on the 25-man roster. Players in grey would be on the 40-man roster but are projected to start the season in the minors.
  • Justin RuggianoElliot Johnson and Adam Russell will be out of minor league options.
  • Stuart Sternberg said the 2011 payroll will be under $60M. As we can see the Rays are only committed to ~$41.5M. That is a $30.4M drop in payroll from last year.
  • Technically, Manny and Damon have yet to be added to the roster. The Rays will need to remove one player to make room for both. At this point, we think the Rays are looking to trade recently acquired Sam Fuld. With Damon and Matt Joyce on board, Fuld seems the most expendable.

(1) Based only on players currently within the organization.
(2) Once a player is added to the 40-man roster, the team can ‘option’ the player to the minors 3 times. A team cannot be charged with using more than one option in a given season even if a player is demoted to the minors several times that year. An option is not used if a player is added to the 40-man roster midseason unless he is sent back to the minors at some point.
(3) Years remaining under control of franchise before free agency eligibility.
(4) First, second and third year players will have their salaries determined by the team, but will fall close to the major league minimum ($414K). Minor leaguers on the 40-man for the first time make $35,000 and second-year players (or players with at least 1 day of major league experience) make twice that amount. We are not including signing bonuses or incentives



  1. Don says:

    Notice the # of prominent (starters) players making ML min. salary...
    Hellboy, Davis, Jaso, Joyce, Brign., S. Rodz, Jennings, E. Johnson..
    Welcome to the Rays "prospect to starter" ML baseball system!

  2. Thad says:

    One could prob assume JP on DL to start year freeing up spot for another RP on 25man no?

  3. Gus says:

    The Rays are in the black before they ever sell a ticket with this payroll. Must be nice to have a public subsidy (free facility) and a private subsidy (MLB luxury tax and revenue sharing) for your business. The Extra 2% is actually the extra 42.3% of last year's payroll that they are pocketing this year.

    I'm not saying the Rays should be spending north of $100M. But they have revenues that should put them in the $60-$80M range annually and they refuse to take that risk (this season and most seasons) and that is disappointing as a fan.

  4. Matt says:

    You're not including the ~7-10M they'll have to pay for draft picks, right?

    • Ken Kandefer says:

      I have read if the Rays want to sign all of their top 12 picks it will cost them ~ $12-15M

      • Gus says:

        At $20 ahead for tickets and $10 a head for concessions and even with their lousy broadcast contracts, the $ they net from those, they could manage all the draft picks with their financial eyes closed. Of course, they don't always do that either. Just ask the Washington kid up in Gainesville.

        • Joe says:

          @ Gus....You are 100% correct....You have backed me up, now I am backing you 🙂 The money the Rays get is insane to the common fan, let alone the biggest proponents and defenders of this organizational "philosophy"..

          Ironically, Scott Boras said the "house wasn't finished", and now we are doing the stopgap signing. And it may work out!!!! What all of the defenders can't defend is why is the owner of this team TALKING DOWN about his home, his fans and what he has to do business with?! My biggest part of the problem is you can trade some prospects for major league players, yet they insist they want to stockpile and control youngsters from the first moment of Major League service. That can work, if you are willing to deal with growing pains (now see Jennings, Desmond). You can't just hand kids jobs and they will assume Garza's stats or Crawford's stats....The Rays "kind of" understand it, yet they are frugal about their commitment...But this is a type of shot in the dark they feel justified in doing, yet I find it comical they are allowed to denigrate the market!

  5. phil says:

    $41.5M ...we can add Chad Durbin to the bullpen!


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