OK, I did say Gil Meche’s decision to give up the final $12 million of his contract was “idiotic.” And maybe that was a little strong. But let’s not act like the owners of the Royals are going to donate the extra money to pay teachers or fight cancer. Hell, they already admitted they aren’t even going to add a player to the roster. [NY Daily News]



  1. Charles says:

    I think the nobility of it is more to do with the fact that he decided he didn't earn the money and so wouldn't take it rather than where it would go if he didn't take it. While it's true that he got injured in the services of his employers, he probably also had some pretty good medical care/insurance to deal with those injuries. I mean, I look at someone like Albert Belle who refused to retire until his contract was up even though it was clear to everyone that he would never play again. Maybe that's "smarter" than what Meche did, but if we buy the dictionary definition of noble as "of a lofty moral or mental character", then I am fine with calling what Meche did noble.

    Now, I agree with one part of your analysis that will never ever come true - the Royals should look at the value Meche provided and offer him that $4 million they came out ahead for the contract, as a good faith gesture. He would probably turn it down if offered, but I don't think he should hold his breath for that offer anyway. It would probably be a smart move by the Royals though - a young team with a boatload of talent arriving soon AND the reputation of treating veterans well even when they're not technically obligated to? That would be a hard free agent opportunity to pass up I imagine.


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