Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Matt Garza moments in the three years he was with the Rays. Do you have a favorite moment? Let us know in the comments…

  • Was it really November of 2007 when Garza became a member of the Rays? Doesn’t seem that long ago. [November, 2007]
  • There was some concerns very early on about the health of Garza and whether the Twins had hosed the Rays. [April, 2008]
  • Our first Garza Separated-At-Birth…Mango! [March, 2008]
  • Garza and Dioner Navarro got into a very public scuffle during a game against the Rangers. [June, 2008]
  • Which led to Garza meeting with a sports psychologist. [June, 2008]
  • Which then led to his near no-no against the Marlins. [June, 2008]
  • When Garza was on, he was as good as anybody. His 2-hit shutout of the Rangers in 2008 may only be the third or fourth best outing of his career. [August, 2008]
  • David Price was on the mound for the final out, but it was Garza that put the Rays in position to win Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS, earning ALCS MVP honors in the process. [October, 2008]
  • In maybe his most dominating performance with the Rays, Garza retired the first 18 Red Sox he faced, allowing 1 hit in 7.2 innings, striking out 10. [May, 2009]
  • Garza was apparently jealous of Joe Nelson in a very special way. [May, 2009]
  • We have had some fun Separated-At-Births on this site, but our favorite might have been Garza and the Duke Blue Devil. [July, 2009]
  • We speculated way back in May that the Rays would trade Garza instead of one of the other pitchers. [May, 2010]
  • Maybe the lasting image we will always have is of Garza spitting. Turns out, the frequency of his spitting was related to how often he used the rosen bag. [May, 2010]
  • You can make a strong argument that Garza was the starting pitcher in the two biggest games in franchise history: Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS and of course the first no-hitter in team history. [July, 2010]
  • We discovered a fun picture of Garza in the archives. [October, 2010]
  • We first heard the Rays were trying to trade Garza in early December. [December, 2010]
  • A couple of days later, Ed Price had a source that said the Rays were certain to trade Garza and that he would be traded to the Cubs. [December, 2010]
  • And finally, after several weeks of speculation, Garza was traded to the Cubs. [January, 2011]


  1. MJ says:

    Top Garza memories have to be both Red Sox games... the near no hitter that was broken up by a lame duck right past Garza's glove and then game 7, best single sporting event i've ever been to. The no-hitter was great too of course.

  2. Tone says:

    The Marlins game blew me away, but I will miss his dominance of the Red Sox most. I watch the games on MLBtv, so hearing the douches at NESN gradually grow to fear him was truly a joy. Wish it was Shields, hope things turn out better than the way I think they will. At least he still has Pena to come visit the mound and offer encouragement. His stuff is nasty.

  3. Don says:

    Garza was a nut...but I think it was part of his appeal...going/watching a game in which he was pitching was always exciting...unlike Shields, Davis, Neumann...I think I could go to sleep watching their mannerisms...
    Not Garza...he was EXCITING...and SUCCESSFUL at tough times...
    Also, what I remember MOST was him TELLING OFF Maddon after he was pulled from a game..He didn't like it and he told Maddon what he thought....you have to respect a player like that!

    • RZachary says:

      Really? You respect him for telling off his manager? What if Upton told off the manager? Would you respect that? How about Shields? Is that respectful?

      • Don says:

        Upton tells off his manager by pouting....I'll show him (Maddon)...I'll loaf after the next ball that goes my head (which there are many), Shields doesn't want to be taken out after the other team has hit back to back homeruns and are 6 runs ahead...
        Garza makes it loud and clear when he is still ok but Maddon "exercises" his authority anyway...so Garza tells him what he thinks in front of everybody....Classic Garza!

  4. Corey says:

    I will always remember Garza trying hard not to laugh as Maddon "argued" a balk call with him, as Joe couldn't direct his anger at, or argue with, the umpires. That was classic!

  5. smelpy says:

    garza pitched at nearly every rays/sox game i've attended at fenway so all my rays games memories always include him. another awesome instance: hearing him drop the f-bomb upon returning to the dugout. it was fun to be sitting that close to hear him swear. i'll miss his sunflower seed chomping ways too.

    • Charles says:

      I never got Garza at Fenway. I've seen Wade Davis, Shields three times, Niemann, Doug Waechter and Ryan Rupe.

      I'm with Corey though. Watching Maddon go out there and yell at Garza on the mound about the umpiring was pure hilarity.


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