More donuts for the rest of the Rays! We have known for a while that Dioner Navarro would not be back in 2011. But yesterday the door hit him in the ass. There is probably a repair man fixing the door as you read this.

Yesterday was the deadline to tender contracts to players not under contract with less than six years experience. The Rays chose to non-tender Dioner Navarro , JP Howell, Willy Aybar and Lance Cormier. All four are now free agents. The Rays did tender Dan Johnson and Andy Sonnanstine.

While Navarro will not be back, there is a good chance the Rays will re-sign Howell and will try to re-sign Cormier and Aybar.  Howell, Cormier and Aybar were likely non-tendered  because the Rays think they will sign for less than what they would have received through arbitration. In other words, the Rays want those players to take a paycut, something that an arbitrator would not have done.


  • JP Howell says he wants to be back. [The Heater]
  • The Rays announced the signings of five minor leaguers, three of whom were in the organization last year. If things break a certain way, there could be a bench player or two in here. But more likely, these guys are just triple-A depth. [The Heater]
  • Paul Sullivan calls Carlos Pena one of the Cubs’ best options at first base. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Pat Burrell’s deal with the Giants is for $1 million plus incentives. [Hardball Talk]




  1. Beth says:

    I hope things work out for JP.

  2. Charles says:

    How about Jack Cust at DH? I don't think he'll be too expensive and he seems likely to reproduce Pena's offensive contributions.

  3. Tone says:

    Trading Bartlett for a bullpen arm would be fine if it was a solid closer, anything else is stupid. If they trade a pitcher(said he was not for now, don't believe anything they say) it should be Shields, anything else is destructive. What the hell would be wrong with a Reid/S-Rod platoon at 2nd(if Bartlett stays), and if no Pena, then Zobrist at 1st. Cust at DH(if cheap) would be sweet. I still want Pena back, seems like the geeky blog fans are against it. Where will 25plus home runs come from? Even with his strike outs the dingers are needed, Zobrist had a fluke year in 09, lucky to get 17 out of him.

    • MJ says:

      Tone, I agree on Bart. What would be so wrong w/ the platoon at 2b, w/ the occasional day off for Bart (basically like last season)? I think trading him for a decent middle reliever would be a waste, we need a lot more than one avg middle reliever to compete this year. Perhaps he can play closer to his '09 level and we can trade him at the deadline for a team desperate for a shortstop.

      • Stephanie says:

        I've always liked Bartlett but he is too expensive for what he brings to the team. The Rays just don't have the resources to spend that much on a declining shortstop when they have an acceptable alternative.

        • Tone says:

          And keeping Shields(who costs money too) makes sense? Before talk of cutting salary by trading Bartlett, Upton and Shields should be on the table. Both suck(Upton has a good glove) and would fetch a much better return. Bartlett at short with Reid/S-Rod at 2nd makes more sense than trading for a shitty middle reliever. If we have Bartlett at short, then 2nd is fully covered, which keeps Zobrist free for outfield and 1st base(if things suck that bad). These owners can afford it, they made a shitty T.V. deal and are pissed cause the city is not going to chuck money into a stadium during hard times. The flexibility described above more than covers his cost, besides, Reid needs more seasoning before setting him loose. If they are toast by trade deadline then you can trade Bartlett when the market will be better and he has a chance to increase his value. Look what Toronto got for Alex Gonzalez last year.

  4. Don says:

    Don't worry Shopp. takes over the donut brigade...if he comes in any fatter, I'm going to let him wrestle Hickey, Balfour couldn't handle him....another fatso catcher might....


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