One of the more bizarre things to come out the Carl Crawford signing was hearing just how enamored the national mainstream media suddenly is with Crawford.

Don’t get us wrong, it is nice to hear the media speak so highly of such a great player. But they say these things as if they have known this for years. And yet, we barely remember anybody ever saying these things when Crawford was playing with the Rays and doing all these great things.

It is almost as if signing with Boston justified his greatness. Whereas, prior to that, he was not worthy of such praise, even if deserved.


  • Dan Hayes of the North County Times confirms our speculation, that the only thing holding up the Jason Bartlett trade is a physical for each player. [Twitter]
  • Another name that is once again surfacing in connection with the Rays is Jason Giambi. Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post says he wants to keep playing and the Rays are interested. [Twitter]
  • The Rays also lost four players in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 Draft including Heath Rollins who won’t miss us. [Rays Prospects]
  • There was some speculation that the Rays and Cubs were closing in on a deal to send Matt Garza to Chicago. But Paul Sullivan reports that a deal is unlikely and that the Rays executives “were amused by the speculation.” This jives with the previous report that said the Rays would wait until July to move Garza. [Chicago Breaking Sports]
  • Evan Grant wonders if the Rangers can buy low on James Shields right now. [SportsDayDFW]
  • Hardball Talk examines Carl Crawford’s new contract. [Hardball Talk]
  • Keith Law believes Carl Crawford will hold his value through the length of the contract. [ESPN]
  • Chuck LaMar says Carl Crawford will do just fine in Boston. [Boston Herald]
  • Rocco Baldelli says the Red Sox got a bargain. []




  1. Sarah says:

    Cork, I had the exact same sense of the world having "discovered" Carl Crawford -- if REAL teams are willing to pay him so much, he must be worth looking at! Also, it occurred to me, this is the first time there has been any national press attention paid to anything Rays-related that does not focus on attendance issues. So now we know what prompts national sports media to focus any attention this way at all: loss of top players to big market teams, and people not showing up to the ballpark. Simply putting a good team on the field? Not newsworthy.

  2. Charles says:

    Giambi's an interesting idea - seems like in his limited sample size over the past couple of years that he can still get on base. But he'll be 40 in a few weeks and what really differentiates him from Dan Johnson enough to warrant both of them having a roster spot?

    • Tone says:

      Yup, he is only worthy of a spring training invite at this point. What a terrible winter meetings. Stu and Andrew did nothing. Just helped complete the heartbreak. Now we get to see Longoria protected by the Durham Bulls. I guess he does not see anything to hit anymore. How many more no-hitters, one-hitters, or two-hitters do we get to see this year?

      • Tom says:

        The Winter meetings were kind of what I expected, I think everyone knew we were going to lose CC (hopin it would not be Bosox of course) and Pena. Soriano is not far behind and probably Balfour too. There are still plenty of low cost 1b/DH options on the market though such as Thome, D Lee, M Ordonez, and Matsui. I think Friedman will sign another bat or two to upgrade the offense.

        • phil says:

          I would prefer Johnny Damon, Grant Balfour and Jon Rauch (the twins reliever) much would those 3 cost?

  3. Gus says:

    Giambi is a mistake. Rays need power from the right side and he can't field at all. He really can only play 2 times a week as the parasites from the years of PED uses have worn down his body.

    Leslie Anderson needs that roster spot, and he has upside. No to Giambi.

  4. Don says:

    I know ONE guy who used to sing CC praises BEFORE the national media ever knew who he was, BEFORE the local media could SEE he was our BEST player, BEFORE the morons and little girls became infatuate with a young kid we signed to play 3rd base.....
    Yes... yours truely.....Big Don.....
    And yes the Rays had a chance to resign him... but before the big money came around...and they didn't even feel sorry for the poor Rays for losing their best player....Whose fault!

  5. phil says:

    I would prefer Johnny Damon, Grant Balfour and Jon Rauch (the twins reliever)…how much would those 3 cost?

    I thought we had $12M to spend before Bartett and that adds another $4 million....Trade Shields we have another $5M that adds up to $21M to spend on a couple of hitters and 2-3 relievers....and relievers are in the $3-5M dollar range....

  6. a.j. says:

    I wanna see Balfour back for sure, Rauch is a nice idea...McGee needs to be in the pen now...another reliever worth trying to go get is Guerrier...hitters-wise, I'd go after Derek Lee and Johnny Damon...they'd give Longo some protection and allow guys like Jennings and Anderson to hit in more natural spots in the lineup at this stage...if Lee says no then try to send Shields to the Dodgers for Loney...he's capable of hitting 20+ bombs if he leaves the graveyard in LA...I think we'd still have a couple mil left over for other relievers as well then

    • phil says:

      but when is management going to make some moves? ....a balfour/howell/mcgee/rauch bullpen would be good ..I like damon not sue on Lee....


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