It is no mystery that Gary Sheffield wants to play for the Rays. What we don’t know is how interested the Rays are in Sheffield. Now comes word that Joe Maddon had dinner with Sheff last Friday.

Maddon clarified that it was just “to get to know him better” and that Sheffield could help the Rays “down the road.”

We think the most telling quote from Sheffield is when he says he turned down a job last April because he didn’t get to play in Spring Training. Guess he didn’t want to play that bad after all.


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  1. Beth says:

    I guess the Red Sox are so eager to justify their budget-busting contract with Crawford they need to suggest that he'll do more than just play baseball -- he'll improve the city's intellectual life, and maybe perform open heart surgery, too!

    If they wanted an outfielder likely to open a book store, they should have asked us about Fernando Perez.

  2. Don says:

    Some of CC's first books:
    "How to get out of Happyville for better pay"
    "The best Texas barbeque restaurants in Beantown"
    "The life of a superstar living/playing in obscurity"
    I could think of a lot more...but better get some work done....


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