In case you missed it late last night, Carl Crawford agreed to a seven-year, $142 million contract with the Boston Red Sox. Yes, the Red Sox.


Why did the Rays raise the ticket prices for an entire section by 65 percent? Was it because that section is filled with season-ticket holders who are not likely to give up their seats? If so, that is a hell of a way to treat their most loyal customers.

“Hey guys, sorry, but next season there will be no Crawford, no Pena, no Soriano, no Balfour, no Benoit and no Bartlett. Oh and by the way, we just raised your ticket prices 65%. Thanks for being a fan.”

Sometimes you have to wonder if the Rays even want fans to show up at the Trop.

Geez, it is like they are trying to get out of their lease.


  • Even thought Jason Bartlett confirmed the trade, there was some speculation that the trade had hit a snag. But now it is being reported as official, again. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • So somebody in the Chicago media was surprised that Carlos Pena “speaks English perfectly.” Sad. [Business Insider]
  • Carlos Pena says he was disappointed the Rays didn’t show the interest in him that he expected. [St. Pete Times]
  • Joe Sherman says the Rays were not impressed with the offers for Matt Garza and will likely wait until July to see if his value goes up. [Twitter]
  • Ed “Don’t Call Me David” Price says the Rays have interest in signing Edwin Encarnacion. [Twitter]
  • Dioner Navarro is close to signing a one-year deal with the Dodgers for $1 million. [ESPN]
  • Carlos Pena said the Orioles were very close to signing him and that they were very aggressive. [Orioles Insider]
  • Despite reports that Carlos Pena told the Rays he would not accept a one-year deal, Scott Boras said the Cubs were of particular interest because they offered Pena a one-year deal. Boras called the deal a “pillow contract,” that will give Pena a year to prove he deserves another big contract. [The Washington Post]




  1. I'm not okay, but can live with, the Pena deal, at least I get to see him every now and then on WGN America. I like the Bartlett trade though i wish we had gotten actual bullpen help. But the Crawford deal feels like a big middle finger to the Rays Republic. BITE MY ***, CRAWFORD, YOU TRAITOROUS JERK!

    • Don says:

      "TRAITOROUS JERK" that any way for a "christian" to talk...
      Look, what if at your Wall Mart job... you worked harder than all the other boys getting carts off the lot and they wanted to pay you less than what the other boys were getting?
      How would you feel? Would you go to Kmart for more money, of course you would! SEE......THATS only being "christian"!

      • First, of all, you are not one to judge me as a Christian, only my God is. Second, you think I'm complaining about the money part when I'm complaining about the Red Sox part.

        • Scot says:

          My only comment on this:

          I think Don was referring to Leviticus 19:18 (Love thy neighbor as thyself) or John 3:15 (Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.) I read his comments as such that he sees a contradiction between your comments about another human being and your understanding of your faith.

          Your response is also interesting: "only my God". Does this mean everyone has a separate god? Or that your god only for you? I believe that in Christianity "God" loves all people (John 3:16).

          (...except for those he hates (Leviticus 20:23, Psalm 11:5, etc.).)

  2. Charles says:

    Edwin Encarnacion is exactly the kind of player the Rays do NOT need to sign. He'll be overpriced coming off that 21 homer year and he doesn't get on base. He mae $5.1 million last season - if he even gets a 20% bump to $6 million, that's 10% of the Rays self-imposed salary cap at best. WAY too much money for a guy who doesn't get on base.

  3. Don says:

    If ticket prices were 65% higher in ONE section....why don't you sit in the section next to them....and pay less!
    Why do airlines have first class, why does football charge more for 50 yard line, why does cable charge for HBO....
    you want me to go on?

  4. d-money says:

    Well I haven't been on this site since the end of the season and now i remmeber why. A bunch of mindless bitching everytime the team does anything you precieve as a slight to the fans.

    Lame and not enternaiing at all.

    • Beth says:

      In contrast to all those other baseball sites where the commentary is always intelligent and no one ever gripes? Please tell me where to find those sites!

    • Andy says:

      I respect this site for being willing to report on things such as this. As a season-ticket holder, my ticket prices have gone up 3 straight years prices have gone up. Of course, I'd never know this by reading the Times or Draysbay, which simply post the official press release about how lucky we all are that the Rays are watching out for us in these tough economic times.

      This name of the site is Joe Rays Fan. As such, they treat stories like this from the perspective of the fan, rather than browbeating us on a daily basis about how lucky we are to have this management group. While I dont always agree with the analysis of the team's on-field actions, stories like this are much appreciated.

  5. Gus says:

    The entire key to the Rays attendance woes is to increase the season ticket base. As a former season ticket holder, I can attest to the fact that it is an enormous economic commitment for individuals and companies and the Rays have never been good to their season ticket holders in this area, and that is why they have such poor season ticket numbers. Moreover, when you go in the press criticizing the facility and the fans, it takes away the good feelings that are necessary for a fan to open up his wallet and spend thousands of dollars.

    With the Rays cutting payroll back to ridiculously low levels and not even tryin to keep guys like Pena or Benoit or Balfour, what do you expect. It will continue to be a show me market until ownership stops crying poor.

  6. Scot says:

    There are limits to all systems. I actually think the Rays are making good judgment on whom to keep and whom to release, trade, not sign, etc. with always the intent of making the playoffs.

    *Bartlett is overpriced and replaceable in house for much less (Prof has noted this and the market shows this.)

    *Pena is replaceable (regardless what the Cubs and Greg Maddux thinks)

    *Closers are WAY over valued.

    *There are limits to funds and the Rays do have bullpen options in-house. Hence it both Soriano and Benoit are significant losses, but only Benoit was resignable.

    * Balfour was a crapshoot. He is gone.

    But Crawford - here is the guy you keep and frankly it makes no sense to have 1/3 of a payroll dedicated to one player.

  7. At some point we have to sign someone. We have to work on the bullpen. We knew Crawford and Pena were leaving. I know Pena is a clubhouse guy but he was horrible last year at the plate. Anyone is going to be an upgrade over him.


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