Ken Davidoff reports that the Rays, Yankees and Angels are the three teams chasing Johnny Damon. However, Damon’s decision may come down to the Angels and Rays.

While the Yankees and Damon have had discussions, New York is not Damon’s first choice according to Davidoff because they are unable to offer him regular playing time. On the other hand, the Angels and Rays are both looking for somebody that can play most days in the outfield or at DH.

Damon’s final decision could come down to which team offers him more money. But if the contracts are comparable, the Rays will have the edge being closer to his Orlando home. The Rays can also offer Damon an opportunity to play nine games in Boston and New York this upcoming season.

So unless the Angels offer Damon considerably more money, Damon could be the Rays left fielder or DH on opening day.



  1. Charles says:

    I'd love this move, but I hope he'd spend more time at DH than in the outfield. Not because he's a bad defender, but I wonder how the Trop turf would treat his aging lower body.

    That said, the guy is durable (140+ games per year since becoming a regular in 1996), a good hitter (100 or higher OPS+ in 7 of the last 10 years), and a smart - if not all that fast anymore - runner (82% SB success rate since his age 30 season). He also posted a 4.3 UZR/150 in the huge Comerica outfield last year, which I have to admit is a little surprising to me (and is definitely outside his recent norms).

  2. a.j. says:

    If we were to sign Damon, this is the lineup I'd go with...
    1. Upton
    2. Jaso C
    3. Longo 3B
    4. Damon DH

    • Mike says:

      Damon LF
      Upton CF
      Longo 3B
      Jaso C

      Need Damon in the 1 or 2 spot to get on regularly. Definitely not 4 spot material....He is really capable of playing quality LF for a year, 2 or 3 more...

      • phil says:

        jaso / damon /zobrist / longo /joyce /upton /brignac/srod / jennings...once desmond gets comfortable and is hitting he leads off

    • Don says:

      BJ (strike out) Upton hitting 1st or 2nd...Oh my god??
      The Maddon disciples out early this year!

  3. Scot says:

    Damon would be a mistake.

  4. a.j. says:

    I just don't know who else would lead off for us Don? I'm not a Maddon fan by any stretch...although I've met him and he's super nice...just not a fan of his lineups. But given our current roster, I don't see who we could have leadoff. Damon would likely be used to protect Longo in some capacity, IMO. I don't really think Upton stays with the organization much longer. If he hits around .270 in April and May, I see us pulling the trigger on some type of deal for him. Then I see Jennings taking over CF. It just seems to be the Friedman-type thing to do.

  5. Don says:

    I try to avoid these predictions/suggestions on lineups because I know with Maddon its useless. Even IF he finds something that works he changes the next day because of his stupid Platooning....but here it goes...
    1) Jaso...could be a star..but not split time with Shop
    2)Zobrist... now... probably our best with the bat...
    3)DJ...(1st or DH)..they would have to pitch to him..Longo next
    4)Longo...our "power' man....oh boy
    5) believe he can be a hitter...with some power
    6-9) Who Maddon you mix them up!
    This lineup gives the best chance to score...with what we got!

    • phil says:

      Maddon has to stop plattoning keep s-rod, jaso and joyce in the lineup everyday ..isn't he stunting their growth?

  6. Ryan says:

    i agree, limit the platooning and give these young potential stars time to shine instead of dropping in shoppach and aybar.
    1. jaso
    2. damon (or maybe pick up jim thome for DH...)
    3. zobrist
    4. longoria
    5. johnson
    6. joyce
    7. upton
    8. rodriguez
    9. jennings

  7. 1. jaso 2. damon (or maybe pick up jim thome for DH…) 3.
    zobrist 4. longoria 5. johnson 6. joyce 7. upton 8. rodriguez 9.


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