Now Brittany Ghiroli is reporting (via Twitter) that there will not be a trade today and that it is starting to look “less likely to happen at all.”

We are still very early in the process and the Rays are operating from a position of power. Is this was March, this deal would probably be done by now. But the Rays know they don’t have to move Jason Bartlett now and appear content to try and wait for somebody to meet their price.



  1. Greg says:

    Fanhouse is reporting the Rays are motivated to move Garza. I was hoping it would be Shields but I realize Garza is a better trade chip. Rangers would be interested if they lose out on Lee and Grienke.

    Cork - can you think of who the Rays might ask for from the Rangers?

  2. phil says:

    Heard Garza to the Brewers..I'll take Ryan Braun ...or Matt Gamel and a young pitcher


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