It is not news that the Rays are willing to trade one of their starting pitchers. With Jeremy Hellickson deemed ready for the big leagues, he Rays have an opportunity to move one of their veterans and not lose a step.

But for the first time we are hearing that the Rays not only prefer to trade Matt Garza, but that they may be aggressive in doing so

The Rays are motivated to deal right-hander Matt Garza, a source told FanHouse Tuesday…The Texas Rangers are one team that is interested in Garza, particularly if free-agent left-hander Cliff Lee opts to sign with the Yankees or elsewhere and if Royals ace Zack Greinke is beyond their means in a trade…The Brewers have also shown interest in Garza, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Tom Haudricourt adds that the Brewers have also talked to the Rays about Garza.

While Garza has a higher upside than James Shields, Garza will likely make about $1 million more in 2011 and Shields us under team control longer.

Of course, in typical Rays fashion, talks are one thing, making a deal is another. There is nothing forcing the Rays to make a deal. And they won’t make one unless somebody offers what the Rays want.

Remember, negotiating in the eyes of the Rays is more about finding the right pieces to meet their price. What is important is that the price doesn’t change. That is not part of the negotiation. If the other team doesn’t like the price, the Rays are more than content to keep their players.



  1. Charles says:

    Just to not scare people, this is ED Price of Fanhouse, not David Price πŸ™‚

  2. phil says:

    they better get a boatload for him he kills the red sox

  3. Tone says:

    If he is traded then they are officially calling it a year. Why do we want to keep Shields long term? I have seen the same pattern from him the last 2 1/2 seasons, get hit, get hit hard, get hit again. One million is worth keeping Garza over Shields? Not even close; guy that threw 1st no-hitter and has no-hit stuff(and kills the Sox as pointed out above), or a guy that gives up homers to guys that don't hit homers and guys that do hit homers and gets hit more. No brainer, trading Garza is saying goodbye to 2011 and looking to the future(if there is one again). Shields is bad, Garza is good.

  4. Don says:

    Rays are stuck with Shields contract...nobody wants him for the money he makes....
    Garza won't be here after next year, might as well get a hitter for him now, Hellboy moves in rotation....could be better than least more stable!

  5. Thad says:

    Garza would bring back MUCH more in a trade than Shields. Shields would prob start the year as #2 SP behind Price followed by Niemann, Davis, Helly and slide back from there depending on performance.

    If the Rays could get a couple MLB ready players that they like in return for Garza (who's relatively cheap in today's Monopoly money MLB world), they'd do that deal in a heartbeat. A live arm or two from the Rangers bullpen would be nice.

    I know the Rays have publicly said they are NOT looking to trade SP, but that's just posturing to get more in a deal.

  6. Charles says:

    Do the Cardinals need a starter? Because I still want Colby Rasmus over here somehow. They could replace Kyle Lohse with Garza and move Lohse to the bullpen (but they won't since Lohse makes almost $12 million this year and next - jeebus).

  7. If the Rays trade Garza, I say we riot. If we trade away a starter, it best be Shields.

    • Beth says:

      Please see Thad's comment above.

      Fans seems convinced that their teams can unload their weakest players and get something of value in return. Don't you think the other teams realize Shields' limitations? How many significant holes in the Rays current make up (closer, middle relief, first base, left field, DH) we we fill by trading Shields?


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