Great read by Tyler Kepner in the New York Times on the Rays’ recent losses and what it takes to compete in the AL Ease [New York Times]…

Joe Maddon on Carl Crawford: “He’s like our first organically grown Ray…He was fertilized here, he grew here, he became a superstar here…He truly is Mr. Ray, to this point in our existence. To lose a guy like that would probably be like the Yankees losing Jeter at the same point in his career. He is that to us.

Joe Maddon on Carl Crawford signing with Red Sox: “Knowing Craw, I just didn’t think he was going to end up in Boston. It definitely makes all of this a lot more difficult.

Andrew Friedman on having 6 starting pitchers: “We don’t look at six starting pitchers as like having two first basemen. Six is not necessarily a surplus, and it’s been a big part of our recent success. We’re going to need to maintain a strong rotation to compete in this division.



  1. Don says:

    I wonder if Maddon oppened his mouth one time the last two years to management/ownership on the importance of signing CC to a new contract...If he didn't (which I feel is the case)
    he has no right NOW to cry about losing him...
    Mr Ray wasn't even worth sticking your neck out....was he Maddon?

    • Preston says:

      You know, honestly. You are such a ridiculous troll. It is hard enough going through this offseason, but your dimwit remarks and half ass logic make it even worse. If I was cork, I would ban you for the simple fact that you are, in fact, a troll. I am so sick of your constant negativity, your idiocy regarding the business end of baseball, and your seemingly undying love for Carl Crawford, whom it sound like, from your own posts, you're going to follow to Boston.

      I have no problem with disagreeing with the management of a team. I understand that people feel a certain amount of ownership and stake. However, what you have proven to me and I'm sure to many others on this website is that you neither understand nor care about what this team has to deal with on the business end. I kindly encourage you to take your remarks and comments elsewhere, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that is tiring of them.

      • Rob says:


        • Lroy10 says:

          But "Big Don" was the first and only guy to see CC's talent and the lone audible voice saying Carl should be resigned. All the rest of us are morons with a schoolgirl crush on some young kid the Rays signed to play third. You don't just toss real fans like that aside.

      • Gatorbuc15 says:


      • Don says:

        Gee, Preston...buddy..I didn't mean to hurt your feelings...
        If I'm nice and promise not to "tell it like it is" and just say "good things" is it ok to post once in a while?....
        But I will guarantee you this.... I know more about "the business of baseball" then you ever will...But you still are allowed your opinion regardless of your knowledge level!

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I kind of like the notion of a six-man rotation, but then again it could be too much.
    It's worth a shot.


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