[Update] Brittany Ghiroli is reporting that a deal is not imminent and that the “names vary.” She adds that a potential deal is not necessarily Reimold for Bartlett straight up. This adds strength to the rumors that the Rays are asking for Reimold and possibly a relief a pitcher.

[1:30pm] Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun (via Twitter) is reporting that the Rays and Orioles could be close to swapping Jason Bartlett and Nolan Reimold.

Reimold, 27, is a right-handed hitting corner outfielder, that has also played a little first base. He was the Orioles second-round pick in the 2005 draft. He has played 143 games with the O’s the past two seasons, hitting .262/.345/.432 (.343 wOBA) with 18 home runs and 8 stolen bases.

Defensively, Reimold is a liability, posting negative UZRs each of the last two seasons. So the Rays may move Reimold to first base or DH.

So far in his young career, Reimold has shown that he can hit both lefties (.349 wOBA) and righties (.337 wOBA).

Bartlett was not expected to be back with the Rays in 2011. He figures to make about $5.5 million in arbitration and Reid Brignac can provide similar production at one-tenth the cost. 



  1. Brixology says:

    I don't get a sense of how you feel about Reimold. This seems like a pretty fair deal, since Reimold has some possible upside and Bartlett has some possible downside. Plus, we would control Reimold for a while and save some cash that we could hopefully sink into someone else who could help. Still, it doesn't feel like the steal I want it to be, you know? Friedman has set the bar too high, I guess.

  2. Charles says:

    This would fall into the "unspectacular but solid" deal category. The big thing is can Reimold stay healthy? He has something of an injury history, but his full season at AA a few years ago shows that he can be a beast of a hitter when healthy. He's no Pena at first, but he can definitely hit when healthy.

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I think this would be a good for us. Reimold actually has some power where as Bartlett does not. Even though he may not be as good defensively as Bartlett he seems to be a better more consistent hitter. Plus, like "Brixology said", we can actually control Reimold for a while whereas with Bartlett we cannot.

    It just makes sense.

  4. Greg says:

    I don't like the deal at all, but I'm reading that we may be getting more than just Reimold. Defense at SS should be better with Brignac, but we'll almost certainly be worse at 1B and LF, two positions where Reimold plays. In fact, he has not played 1B at all at the majors according to Baseball Reference. Looks like a DH candidate.

    • deadeye says:

      I think he played 1st in the minors some last year.

    • Indiana Rays Boy says:

      The weakness with Brignac is that he has an uppercut swing that needs to be corrected. I love his defense but he has potential to be a good offensive player and has descent power. I don't know if this bullheaded, inept hitting coach will make any adjustments at all. Remember, adjustments and teaching doesn't belong in the same category in Shelton's baseball vocabulary.

  5. phil says:

    need to find out who else is coming in the deal..we do need power

  6. Tom says:

    Reimold looks like an upgrade from Aybar for less money.

  7. Youdontwannaknow says:

    Bartlett just got traded to the padres.


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