One last note about the 2010 American League awards that is worth noting. Four of the top 10 finishers for AL MVP were drafted by the Rays. And three of those were drafted by Chuck Lamar.

1. Josh Hamilton — 1999, #1 overall
6. Evan Longoria — 2006, #3 overall
7. Carl Crawford — 1999, #52 overall (2nd round)
10. Delmon Young — 2003, #1 overall

Of course, only one of those guys will still be with the Rays in 2011, so let’s not get too excited.


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  1. Don says:

    Oh well..who would want an outfield of CC, Hamilton, D. Young???
    Wouldn't Jennings, Upton, Joyce be better and cheaper...
    Who the hell wants to win the World Series...I would rather watch Upton strike out....


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