Buster Olney had the following to say about the Nationals’ interest in Carlos Pena

Heard this: Some team officials that have talked about Carlos Pena view the Washington Nationals as being the club most enthusiastic about acquiring the first baseman.

The key here, is this is what officials from other teams think about the Nationals. At no point did Olney speak to Nationals officials about this.

And yet for some reason, this led to several headlines such as this one from NBCSports.com:

“The Nats are “enthusiastic” about signing Carlos Pena”

Maybe that is true. But that is not what Olney reported.


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  1. Don says:

    No the Nationals are not the "most enthusiastic" about THEM signing Pena....knowledgeable Rays fans are....GO Nats....
    I'll bet the Rays owners make a hell of a lot more money in a BAD market than Mike Sasso does writing stupid articles...

  2. Aaron says:

    Don't take Pena, Nationals, trade for Youkilis. Keep Pena in Tampa.


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