Interest in the Rays two best free agent relief pitchers is starting to heat up. First we have Ken Rosenthal reporting that the White Sox are looking at Rafael Soriano

The White Sox are checking into free-agent closer Rafael Soriano, yet another indication they may trade or non-tender Bobby Jenks. The Rays figure to lose Soriano and several of their other relievers as free agents and lack the flexibility to buy comparable replacements.

Meanwhile, Jim Bowden is reporting (via Twitter) that the Phillies pursuit of Joaquin Benoit is “serious according to team sources.” 

The level of interest early on shouldn’t come as a surprise. Keith Law called Soriano and Benoit, two of the three best relief pitchers on the market.

We don’t mean to piss in your Wheaties, but now that we have heard Benoit’s name associated with a big market team and the word “serious,” that should remove what little hope we all had for the Rays to re-sign Benoit and serve as next season’s closer.



  1. I've been screaming up and down that Benoit wouldn't be back next year. He was too good for another team not to open up the bankroll for. MFIKY to the White Sox is interesting. I could only wish to be a fly on the wall in a conversation between Ozzie & MFIKY.

  2. Brixology says:

    Re: Benoit:


  3. phil says:

    lets see a sandwich pick pick for Beniot (Rather have beniot) and the 23rd pick in the first round for Soriano if he signs with white sox....Crawford to the angels for the 14th pick....along with the rays own at 29th loading up for the future!

  4. Tom says:

    The Rays will not get the Angels 14th pick if CC signs there, the top 15 picks are protected. They would get a sandwich pick and the Angels 2nd round pick.

  5. phil says:

    Thanks Tom ...maybe he should go to Detriot...

  6. Aaron says:

    so two of my favorite payers from the Rays in 2010 might end up with my two most hated teams all-time?! UGH!!!!!


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