Major League Baseball today announced that Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford heave each won a Gold Glove. The award is Longoria’s second. He also won the award last season. Crawford is a first-time winner.

Here is the full list of American League Gold Glove winners…

Gold Gloves


Joe Mauer, Twins 3
1B Mark Teixeira, Yankees 2
2B Robinson Cano, Yankees 1
3B Evan Longoria, Rays 2
SS Derek Jeter, Yankees 5
OF Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners 10
OF Carl Crawford, Rays 1
OF Franklin Gutierrez, Mariners 1
P Mark Buehrle, White Sox


Kinda hard for us to get excited about Longoria and Crawford when Derek Jeter also gets one.



  1. Beth says:

    Derek Jeter? How do they determine these things? is it just fielding percentage (in which case a player who simply fails to get to balls is going to come out ahead).

  2. KillaTapes says:

    JETER? Seriously? Maybe this is knee jerk, but that seems absurd.

    • Namirsolo says:

      It is. ranks him as dead last out of all short stops in the American League, defensively. lol

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I agree with both of you as well. I don't think Jeter deserved one either, but I am very glad to see Evan get his 2nd and CC get his 1st.

    Way to go guys!

  4. Crawford just got more expensive. Unfortunately for the Yankees, Jeter did too.

  5. Myrna says:

    Jeter the cheater deserved an Academy award! His acting skills at the plate surpass his fielding.

  6. Scot says:

    Yes, 2 Rays deserved "Gold"gloves, but it was not Crawford who should have won....

    C- Jose Molina TOR (no bat, but what a glove.) next is probably Wieters
    1B - Daric Barton OAK (or Teixera)
    2B - Ian Kinsler TEX
    SS - Rameriz CHA (or Pennington, the A's best player)
    3B - Toss up between Longoria and Beltre BOS
    OF - Nick Swisher NYY (yes he is a Yankee, but it wasn't his choice. Still one of the most entertaining in baseball. Smart player)
    OF - B.J. Upton. For every ball hit over his head, he turned a far greater number of hits into outs.
    OF - Gutierrez - a good choice

    And yes, Jeter cost the NYY runs. And Cano was just as bad (if not worse.) At least they did not give one to Jorge Posada.

    • Sarah says:

      Is your assessment based on some kind of rigorous analysis, or are these just the guys you like? Unless you see all of them play every game, I don't know how you can make these judgments without some kind of statistical evidence to back them up.

      • Scot (who misses the more evidence based Prof.) says:

        A fair question. My analysis looking at the total runs saved above the performance of an average player in the same position using BP's Fielding Runs Above Average (FRAA). Use this link:

        And yes, Gardner had a good season as well, but he had fewer opportunities.

        I also think this board, in general, underrates Upton (I doubt the Rays do), under rates Shields, who rates the easiest prediction of 2012 of having a better season, underrates Dan Johnson, and frequently way overrates Jason B. (benchwarmer at best)

    • staplemaniac says:

      Nick Swisher wasn't even the best defender in that outfield. If any Yankee deserved to get a gold glove (and he did deserve one) it was Brett Gardner.


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