Former Rays prospect Josh Hamilton was voted the 2010 American League MVP. He took 22 of the 28 first-place votes.

Evan Longoria finished sixth showing up on 27 of the 28 ballots including two fourth-place votes. Carl Crawford was seventh, receiving votes from 21 of the 28 voters including one second-place vote and six fourth-place votes. Rafael Soriano finished 12th with seven votes, including one fourth-place vote (you can see the complete voting here).

Notes on the 2010 MVP voting…

  • Evan Longoria’s fifth-place showing is the best-ever for the Rays, surpassing Ben Zobrist, who finished eighth last year.
  • Carl Crawford’s second-place vote, was the highest-ever for the Rays, surpassing a third-place vote for Carlos Pena in 2008.
  • This was the second time three Rays received votes. In 2008, Carlos Pena finished 9th, Evan Longoria was 11th and Jason Bartlett was 18th.

Rays in the MVP voting…

  • 2009 — Ben Zobrist (8th), Evan Longoria (19th)
  • 2008 — Carlos Pena (9th), Evan Longoria (11th), Jason Bartlett (18th)
  • 2007 — Carlos Pena (9th)
  • 2006 — Carl Crawford (26th)
  • 2005 — Jorge Cantu (27th)
  • 2003 — Aubrey Huff (24th)


  1. Tom says:

    They were actually 6th and 7th.

  2. Michael says:

    This was pretty garbage by the voters. They just take in offensive play. Longo should have been at least fourth. I would have only Cano and Hamilton above him.


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