Mark Feisand of the New York Daily News has a source that says the Yankees will not pursue Carl Crawford this winter…

According to a source, the Yankees aren’t planning to make a hard charge for Crawford or Jayson Werth, the top two offensive free agents available this winter…Brett Gardner’s breakout year, Nick Swisher’s solid season and the late-season emergence of Curtis Granderson have the Yankees convinced that paying top dollar for an outfielder isn’t the most sensible way to spend their money.

So the Yankees will give Derek Jeter $20 million at age 36 to play shortstop (poorly). But they won’t give Carl Crawford $15 million to play left field (better than anybody else in the game). That’s fine by us.

This tells us that the Yankees are truly trying to work within a budget, as strange as that may sound. While it is silly for most teams to pay Crawford $15 million if they have a Brett Gardner around at $400K. Crawford is still worth 1-2 wins more than Gardner, and the Yankees have never been a team to shy away from a big contract if it meant improving the team, even a little.

The Yankees loyalty to Jeter and Mariano Rivera is going to come back to bite them in the ass. It might not happen in 2011. But it will happen. Let’s just hope the Rays are able to take advantage.



  1. Beth says:

    If true, this is great news. The Yankees evidently think loyalty is more important than winning. And perhaps as a business strategy that makes sense (in terms of maintaining the fan base; selling out the stadium when one of these veterans approaches some milestone). But they are possibly hampering their own competitiveness in the division. Tell me they are committed to Posada as their everyday catcher and I'll really get happy.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      It sounds like Posada will split his time at catcher and DH, which is handcuffing the roster a bit. Jeter should probably be moved to 3B, but ARod can't move to 1B (Teixeira) or DH (Posada)

      • Beth says:

        But of course we can play this scenario forward and bet this will happen:
        1. This core of aging stars will inevitably have their share of days on the DL
        2. Yankees will have disappointing season
        3. Yankee fans will blame disappointing season on the shockingly unexpected injuries to aging stars

  2. Danny says:

    I agree w/ the Yankees that Crawford shouldn't be a can't justify the cost of CC or Werth over that of an almost comparable Gardner and the 15-17 million they save per year for the same numbers....

    however, their loyalties to Jeter, Posada, Rivera and Pettite (if he signs for one more year) - will ultimately be their downfall - and im downright giddy about that!!

    the most disconcerting thing that could happen this offseason is if the Yankees were able to get Cliff Lee....if that happens they would coast to a playoff spot and likely's to hoping Lee stays w/ the Rangers...

    • stunna says:

      I'll be the oddball of the group and suggest that the Yankees' loyalty won't hurt them as much as some people might think. Keep in mind that Rivera hasn't shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon, and if a team is loyal to some of their core players at the back end of their careers, people take notice. Not only might it be beneficial from a business standpoint, but it will help them in the future. Younger players will want to play for a team that won't leave them out in the cold when they start to near the end of their career. That being said, it's the Yankees; they can usually get any player they want anyway.

      Also, I think it's a little ridiculous to give Jeter that much money, especially when no other team will come close to throwing out that kind of cash for him. You could argue that Jeter is a positive for maintaining team chemistry and is a great presence in the clubhouse, but the Yankees don't exactly seem like a team that loves each other or gets along with each other or anything like that.


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