In the same piece we linked earlier, Nick Cafardo is also reporting that three teams are showing interest in Jason Bartlett

Jason Bartlett, SS, Rays — He is drawing lots of interest from the Giants, Orioles, and Nationals. The Rays are dangling him in the hopes of acquiring bullpen help or a prospect or two, with Reid Brignac ready to take the shortstop position.

The Orioles are not new. We previously heard that the Orioles and Rays discussed a trade in which relief pitcher David Hernandez would be the key player coming back to the Rays.

But what is interesting here, is that we now know what the Rays are looking for. It is a little surprising that a starting shortstop that hit .320 with a .389 OBP just two seasons ago, would only fetch “bullpen help or a prospect or two.”

What hurts Bartlett is his defense. In the last four seasons, his UZR rating has gone from 8.5 (with the Twins in 2007) to 2.0 (2008), -5.6 (2009) and -10.4 (2010). This leaves one wondering if his career as an everyday shortstop can be salvaged, or if he is destined to be moved to second base.



  1. Don says:

    Bartlett on the Orioles is a scary thought..the Rays better think about that one...the Showalter lead Orioles are going to be tough enough without giving them a good shortstop and a dependable hitter....carefull Friedman...

    • Scot says:

      Well that settles it

      - send the guy to the O's for a bushel of Maryland blue crabs and a bucket of Corona. It will save the Rays some money and maybe one of the Maryland babies can work with the Stone Crabs. At worst, it will make for a tasty meal.

  2. phil says:

    I would trade him for Hernandez he has the potential to be a closer ..and Bartlett is free agent next year ..get what you can!


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